Sunday, July 24, 2011

weekend winsome


True Blood
(and red things!)

this made me chuckle

ruby jeans

copper tops

sweet red wine

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Is any one else obsessed with True Blood? What are we called.."truebies",where my truebies at?!I'm really loving this season and Eric's "condition"..I think I'm turning into an Eric girl! That is one beautiful,giant,nordic man. Don't get me wrong,I still love Bill, but Eric is so adorable you can't help but love him! Bold colored jeans have been on my mind lately and I picked up a pretty burgundy pair, perfect for fall. It's 100 degrees right now..the thought of wearing jeans makes me break out in sweats. I've been getting serious hair envy with all of the gorgeous red shades I'm seeing..thinking of going back to auburn! We had a lazy weekend and only ventured out on Friday night to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks. An amazing wine bar and restaurant a few streets away has the best outdoor patio where they cook pizzas in the open brick oven. We ordered some sweet red wine and the Alsatian flatbread pizza with caramelized onions,creme fraiche, and smoked good!
that dewiness is do girls look cute in this heat?!

I love "brinner" and my vintage dishes!

blood red lips..true blood time!

Eric or Bill? Or Alcide?
Who's your favorite character on the show?


Ms.S said...

Oh! I love true blood!!
I think that series are just bloody sexy! :-P


ChiccaStyle said...

Great selection of images and amazing post as usual!!!

Jul said...

You look great, I love red lips :)
Unfortunately I never saw True Blood, so I can't really say anything about it :(

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Red lipstick is the best! Cute magnifying glass necklace too :)

Dresses for Dinner said...

I'm a recent True Blood addict. Almost finished with season two. And my oh my! I cannot stop. Can't wait to be caught up.

audrey said...

i never got into true blood - the company i used to work for actually did the title sequence so i've seen THAT about a million times - but so many people whose taste i admire love it that i might have to give it a go. including you, miss, with those perfect red lips! you look beautiful!

dear winsome said...

Man,I love the title sequence! I used to love watching it but after too many times I had to start hitting fast forward. Luke was like "but you love this part"..not anymore haha! Start watching know you want to!!

Alcoholiday said...

Everybody is obssesed with True Blood. I've never seen that show, It's so sad!!
You look amazing with red lips. And that pictures are pure love! I'm following your blog :)

Lea said...

True Blood is amazing!
Now following, return the love?



Pretty Things said...

sadly I'm never in to watch True blood, but I have seen a few episodes and it looks awesome! love your blood red lipstick


jamie-lee said...

my bestie is obsessed with true blood.. i think it has to do with hot boys? haha

Melis said...

i've been wanting to catch up on true blood. i started watching it when it first came out but stopped during the second season but i've been meaning to pick it up again :)

LOIS said...

I havent seen it yet. Maybe I'll start :)
Love Lois xxx