Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend winsome

sitting in grass

iced tea

period movies

strong brows

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I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

wanted: spring wardrobe essentials

These are the pieces I'm obsessing over right now!
 wide leg trouser jeans  Gap

TWELVE BY TWELVE Leatherette Pencil Skirt

ASOS Berry Flared Jeans $62.76
NOW $50.20

ASOS Fit and Flare Pants  $71.72
NOW $41.24

ASOS Double Buckle Satchel
NOW $43.03

ASOS Tuck Lock Satchel
NOW $28.69

FOREVER 21Buckled Leatherette Wedges

ASOS Over The Knee Socks
NOW $5.38

FOREVER 21Leatherette Wedge Loafers

FOREVER 21Tiered Suedette Wedges


ASOS Pussybow Short Sleeve Blouse
$44.83 coral, cream, brown

Cream                            Camel

ASOS Elongated Stone Cocktail Ring With Leaf Shank Detail
NOW $14.34
ASOS Deco Metal Wave Ring
NOW $8.07

NOW $114.75

Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend winsome


retro swimsuits

70's inspired flares

freckle faces

messy topknots

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I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!