Tuesday, July 5, 2011

red white and blue

My new fringe, I went for it and cut it myself..still getting used to it!

I love my blowfish sandals
 and new satchel 

DIY collar and thrifted babydoll dress-3 bucks!

Miss Zizi, doesn't she have the cutest little face?!

homemade peach rhubarb pie(in progress) it was ahhmazing!

I was wearing blue and white on the 4th..had red on my toe nails,it counts right?! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


jamie-lee said...

the fringe looks SO cute - and I just adore your outfit x

Kaycie said...

CUTE! What a great outfit :)

Castle Fashion said...

:D Your bangs look perfect. Hoooowww!? I must. I have no idea how to cut bangs. But I love the look of thick bangs (Kind of like Zooey Deschanel; she's lovely) Any tips?

Castle Fashion

Laceface said...

the new bangs look so good!


dear winsome said...

Thanks guys!! So I did a bunch of searching on google/youtube for help/inspiration before I cut them and this helped..http://www.youcuttinghair.com/triangle.html
I didn't realized they needed to be cut in a soft "triangle" for the best shape. I also cut them much fuller than usual for a heavy bang look. I cut straight across at the middle section and then in an "arc" shape leaving longer angled pieces at the sides of the bangs. I left them a little long(almost end of nose) and blew dry and then holding the scissors vertical I cut up into the straight edge(about 1/4in) to create some dimension and give it more fringe-y look. Just make sure you leave a little extra..you can always cut more later,hope this helps!!

Bad Joan said...

Love your bangs, they look amazing on you! ... and the pie looks delicious!


SRS said...

i love your whole look! the collar on the dress, your clog-style shoes, your cute fringe bangs! love it!

definitely following :)

sarah rose

Lovely B. said...

love your fringe :) and vintage styled dress and shoes :) your photos are great.. i am following you now, hope you follow me too. that would be much appreciated :)
keep in touch! thank you so much :)


Allison Kaye said...

Very cute! Great job cutting it yourself. I'm trying to get better at cutting my own hair as well as my fiance's. It's not going so well :]
-Allison Kaye

Lidiya said...

Your fringe is beyond gorgeous, I love it! Your dress is super cute <3

Carina G. said...

nice job on the fringe! :) i hate it when it's newly cut too, the getting-used-to stage is a bummer. :) love the add on detail to the dress, very great job on the collar! :)

im following you now! hope you could come visit my blog and maybe follow back? :) i would be very grateful! :) looking forward to your posts! :)


ChiccaStyle said...

Love,love,love the dress!!!Adorable outfit!

Lea said...

Aaaah. I love your collar and your new hair and those Blowfish sandals. I'd be so afraid to cut my own hair!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oooh, love your bangs... and this outfit is so cute!! xo

audrey said...

super cute hair! i can't believe you cut it yourself, it looks perfect! and i love your dress - i'm pretty much obsessed with anything collared these days.

dear winsome said...

Thanks so much for all of the love!

rebecca said...

What a gorgeous dress! And I love your sunglasses. You have such fabulous style.


le dressing d'Alizée said...

J'aime le col claudine et la coupe de cheveux ;)