Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 things..

I'm loving


o hai my deer, please come live in my studio!
the elephant is amazing too


geometry of the heart


dream shoes love the pastel pink & floral too!
panda bear
the colors!

I feel like these should be on Keiko Lynn right now..

filled-guimauves-strawberry-poppy?  what the what.
yes, yes they do


this needs to be in my kitsch-en

Luke always calls me in to look at silly videos, these are two gems from this week haha

I've always wanted a big fat orange rescue and we used to have a pair of parakeets, Feathers & Frills.

 dream cat/bird combo..these two crack me up!

we love brules rules

I never remember my dingus passwords either haha
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 27, 2012

lock love.

 Killer Color
The cat's face in this vintage ad will forever be my favorite.


I've had these babies sitting in my inspiration folder for too long..
I've been using this bleach since high school..it smells like green apples now!
One of my favorite vintage shirts..faux bois and floral, and a fleet fox

This is what happens when Luke goes away for the weekend and I'm left to my own devices. I think my candy color obsession stems from my beloved My Little Pony collection. My favorite had a glorious turquoise mane and was paired with my only boy, a big Clydesdale pirate with bright orange hair! My mom sold all of them(50+)at a yard sale when I got a little older..I'm still mad. haha My little brother(19!) is here tonight and we're having a funny movie fest and reminiscing, it's after 2 and I doubt I'll make it much longer..I'm not as spry as I used to be haha. Well on my way to being an old blue-green haired lady.
Hope you had a great weekend!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

early autumn

Bird Of The Summer by A Fine Frenzy on Grooveshark

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns."
- George Eliot

I love this time in late summer, after the long stretch of intense heat here in the Midwest it's finally cooling down. I already sipped my first hot apple cider out of a mason jar..with a cinnamon stick. So excited for my favorite season!We had an entire week of fall like weather and some of the trees and plants got super excited too and started changing colors, I busted out the tights. And A Fine Frenzy, it's a fall thing.  Luke's been off all week, we're having a little staycation. Doing cheap things around town that we love. Yesterday we spent some time at my parents and headed out to my favorite park, Pleasant Ridge. My childhood place to hunt for mushrooms and explore, it was Clementine's first trip here! I ♥ my bike.

Clemmie, posted up.

She was a rusty dusty purple Schwinn before her makeover last summer, my favorite project so far. Most of the upgrades were super affordable and found on ebay-seat,grips,basket..Krylon paint job by me,bell from UO.

One of my favorite dresses, I wear it every season! I'm working with a tiny budget..my favorite pieces have multiple neutral-ish colors, so many color combos!

hat-ebay, rings-topshop,f21
vintage prism necklace-handmade by me

love this

Dairy Haven
cheesecake yogurt + waffle cone= all time favorite

Happy Thursday!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty Project : studded

I stumbled upon some extra studs left from an accessories project a few years ago and decided to put them to good use..studding one of my faux leather jackets!

Choose studs with a pronged back, push through the fabric and bend prongs in to secure.

I love the look of studs and spikes, but more in a subtle way. If I look too badass my first thought is "aw man..I hope they don't think that I think I'm cool haha The great thing about fashion is you can decide what kind of mood you're in at that moment, this is my little bit tough.

As I was gettin' my stud on..

I spotted Instant Star on netflix instant and had to re watch. I remember randomly watching it when I was in younger, I think I secretly wanted to be a rocker chick. This Canadian show drops more aboots than Robin on HIMYM. Canadianisms are adorable! Sometimes I just feel like being nostalgic and watching ridiculous shows from my childhood. Plus I'm kind of running out of stuff to watch while I'm working..Netflix needs to hurry up and update some classics for me! I still collect and read RL Stine Fear Street books from the thrift store haha

I had a tiny crush on Jamie..he goes for the girl with studs

Happy Friday!