Sunday, July 10, 2011

weekend winsome


                                                                                                                      Gamine crops

old records

retro minty kitchens

all photos via

The weekend was spent relaxing and doing a little thrifting at our favorite shop. I picked up a great record set from the 60's and we dusted off our old player and it was so cool to see that it still worked! We're still working out the kinks but there's nothing better than hanging out and listening to records with friends. We stopped for lunch at the little retro place on the same street and I was so happy to see that they had Ski! I'm working on finishing up Clementine's makeover and she looks amazing so far!

My favorite vintage shirt for thrifting

almost done!

               I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 


mybeadifullife said...

hi! just discovered your blog, and i just wanted to say that i clicked over to your etsy shop, and everything there is so beautiful!!

i really love all the white and feathers, and the emmy vintage beaded sash! you are very creative and talented.

Sara C. said...

Very nice post: I love short hair cuts and I used to have it like that. Awesome 60's!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Shall we follow eachother?
Sara C.

ChiccaStyle said...

Oh,love the mood of this post!!!Adorable pictures!