Saturday, September 29, 2012


did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?

the whistle kills me..


"One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self."

“Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” 

“If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” 

“Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else.” 

“Feeling good about ourselves is essential in our being able to love others.”   
- a few fave Fred Rogers quotes

Fred Mcfeely Rogers, one of my favorite humanitarians.We had all of five channels growing up and beside old movies I was watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It first aired in 1968 and continued into the new millennium. I loved his little daily adventures, how cool is it to learn a bit about everything? He wanted to teach children to love themselves and others . He was quirky, kind, curious, unique..
Also,his outfits were pretty fresh. PBS is still one of my favorite channels..antiques roadshows, masterpiece classics! haha He saved public television.

"looks like you just earned the 20 million"

from wiki-
( Rogers received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, some forty honorary degrees,[4] and a Peabody Award. He was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, was recognized by two Congressional resolutions, and was ranked No. 35 among TV Guide's Fifty Greatest TV Stars of All Time.[5] Several buildings and artworks in Pennsylvania are dedicated to his memory, and the Smithsonian Institution displays one of his trademark sweaters as a "Treasure of American History".
Rogers was red-green color blind,[13] swam every morning, was a vegetarian, and neither smoked nor drank.[
Rogers began wearing his famous sneakers when he found them to be quieter than his work shoes as he moved about behind the set. He was also the voices of King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday (named after his wife), rulers of the neighborhood, as well as X the Owl, Henrietta Pussycat, Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Elaine Fairchild, and Larry Horse.
The asteroid 26858 Misterrogers is named after Rogers.)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

summers end


It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
As the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one's wounds.
Because the time of love
it's long and it's short,
it lasts forever, one remembers it.
At twenty, we tell ourselves that we rule the world,
and that all the blue sky will be in our eyes forever.
-le temps de l'amour


I seriously can't believe it's the very last day of summer, time has flown! The mild weather lately has been screaming spring so I dressed accordingly. Rainy,fresh breeze,slightly warm..everything is lush and green again. This in between season has been a bit sporadic, now it's starting to get cold again.   
I'm not complaining, I'm relishing.

The colors in this outfit are some of my favorites..pale peachy pinks and minty blues, plus grey! I love the watercolor florals of this dress, I squealed and snatched it up as soon as I spotted it haha. You know how f21 was the only one like it in the whole store. Only set me back 26!

daisy chain belt/headpiece-handmade by me

new hair-cinnamon stick
sunnies-uo(few yrs old)

I thought of Moonrise Kingdom colors when I first saw this dress, can't wait until it comes out on video next month so I can watch it again! I'm a sucker for vintage woven purses, love the colorful raffia flowers on this one.

I thrifted this vintage(50/60's) fisherman's purse a few moths ago,it has the original owners name on a little paper tag inside..she lived a few streets away! And who doesn't want to put a tiny kitty in a basket/purse? I sure do. Little Lu is growing so fast everyday, I doubt he would even fit in it next week..2.6lbs. I swear he's doubled in size.


A home cooked meal and Parks & Rec is on the agenda tonight.  After a string of healthy veggie dishes Luke's requesting steak..Ron Swanson is his personal hero haha

Have a great weekend, treat yo self!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


you should be wilder, you're no fun at all.


My friends dragged my out of the house this weekend, I can become quite the hermit if left to my own devices for too long. Sometimes I need a little push. "Are you alive" texts remind me to reconnect with people haha. They lured me in under the ruse of a movie fest/sleepover..we ended up going out.  I just really like my house, and doing my own thing most of the time. Give me netflix and a night in every day of the week. Growing up I couldn't get out of the house enough, now my life is more settled and I love it. I get excited about things like the Metric(!) concert next month and my favorite shows coming back on..sons of anarchy, always sunny! Flea market's in town? I'm there. Bars..not really my scene. I'm an introvert though and through, I'm working on being more fun. I am fun, just a different kind of fun, low key things excite me haha

Alison Sudol, girl crush. She makes me want to dye my hair a vibrant red every time I see her, so I did.

My misadventures in red hair..I've already dyed it a deeper brown/red. I had to bleach it(ugh) to get the black out, it always goes too dark! It was supposed to be the auburn of  my dreams but it was too vibrant over the lighter bits. I just feel more myself with a little brunette in there, I was blonde as a child and it turned to a light mousy brown, who knows what color I should be? I guess what ever fancies me at the moment. Right now I'm seeing red.
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

curiosity : Alison Scarpulla





These make me feel nostalgic for the folklore of my childhood, love these eery otherworldly images. I'm looking through her flickr and listening to Scary Stories to tell in the dark. I used to love curling up with hot cocoa and this audiobook on a chilly day, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. Ahh the 90's.

Hope you're having a cozy weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I love Lu


 This is the surprise we picked up last week, the best anniversary present ever! He was free to a good home, I couldn't resist. I got all saucer eyed as soon as I spotted him..I wanted his brother too haha! So sweet and cute.  And he has the prettiest cat eyes. He's a little thing about 2 months old, apparently his dad was a big 1/2 Siamese tomcat who liked to talk. He lets out the tiniest "mew," the sweetest sound.
While we were dreaming up names I was checking out one of Luke's astronomy magazines and came across luminous..Lumen! And it's a character on one of our favorite's, Dexter.
The Lumen is the SI unit of luminous flux, a measure of the power of light perceived by the human eye. ...
 He sounds like a baby with a bottle when he drinks water and looks like a Maneki-neko when he's trying to cute and funny!
Sandpaper kisses for my cheeks and hands. He cuddles up next to me in bed and spends equal time playing and napping.  I don't have a ton of experience with little baby kittehs, but I did have a gaggle of kittens born in my dresser drawer as a child haha We only kept one, a  glorious puff of all white fur. When he was a giant man cat I gave him a pale blue kool aide rinse, surprisingly he still adored me. I'm trying to be a good kitty mommy and resist "hand play." The back leg kick move cracks me up but apparently cats are vicious predators with murder in their eyes and a thirst for blood.  I've been watching a lot of "my cat from hell" lately..I don't want him to grow up and hate me! haha A couple of Lu look alike's were getting pretty crazy on there, please don't lunge at my neck when you're hugely fat and beastly.

look at those freakish feet!

I mostly call him Lu, or Sir Catty Whompus. Love his crooked coloring, the black shape on his nose is my favorite. He probably thinks his name is "Hi Lu!"
I love Lu.

Have a lovely week!


Friday, September 7, 2012


How Deep Is Your Love by The Bird and the Bee on Grooveshark

beekeeper brooch-inspired by chuck charles

It finally stop raining long enough to visit the park where we got married, It looks just as pretty as I remember. We planned on going on our anniversary(4th!) last Friday but the weather has been crazy, love this cooler air though. I wasn't sure what to expect with this intense heat we had this summer, but almost everything was in full bloom! So many different shades of roses and pretty little flowers and herbs, the old guy who cares for this unexpected garden really loves what he does. I secretly think it's tiny garden gnomes that come out at night and do all the work, how else can you explain this perfect little gnome home and well? haha

I scored this vintage trench from a lady at a yard sale, she was telling me how she rocked it in the early 70's with her matching mary janes..I got those too! I love buying vintage from the owner. This is about as bright as my clothes go. I prefer a lot of muted shades but I love certain candy colors too. I like to call this "maybelline pink," my Chi flatiron is the same color!

brooch/pin-handmade by me

"Youths!" Of course as soon as we walk up the high school nearby lets out...drat. 14-17 yr olds everywhere! I'm basically hiding from them in these..they kind of terrify me, haha
Also, my collar was "half popped" the entire time.  I'm sure the young go hards appreciated it haha. Luke said he thought I did it on purpose, we're gonna go with that.

I couldn't believe all the action in the gardens, so many bees and butterflies! We even spotted a hummingbird. I always get excited when I see those little guys, like magical little fairies.

"Where it all went down" as Luke put it when we were walking up. When I was planning our wedding I knew I wanted it to be outside..this perfect place only cost about 50 bucks to reserve, sweet!

Picked up my favorite coffee drink..iced caramel from bread co, I haven't had one in forever

We also picked up something special on the way home, more on that later! There's a storm rolling in and I'm playing with my new toy and watching Dinosaurs(!!) on netflix..I may or may not be living my childhood fantasy right now haha

Happy Friday!