Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Luke surprised me with a new friend on Valentine's day..

Hi, Bleu!

He said he picked this little one because it was hanging out at the end of a stick, playing with toys. A loner.
He was also certain that she was a he, but I think she's all girl..her fave place is perched on my vintage dresses!
Within thirty minutes of meeting I had her hanging out on my finger, a new record!
I've had a few parakeets in my life, an early memory from childhood involves two of them flying right out the door.
She loves flying around in my studio, and listening to music.

"We love music!"

I started telling her this when she was afraid of the strange sounds coming out of the computer..she especially loves songs with whistling and quieter, scratchier voices.
 Mockingbird(Tom Waits) came on..appropriately haha! I whistled along and she clicked her tiny beak, puffed her throat feathers out, and blinked her pretty feathery eyelashes. Such a delicate, beautiful little creature..
I'm smitten. And I know she'll talk to me one day, I can feel it. We're besties.

Valentine's day treats

Strawberry Marshmallows

They taste like yummy melting strawberry ice cream in your hot chocolate, so good.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry!

We love classic yellow cupcakes/chocolate frosting..fancied up with strawberry jam and red food coloring.
The only wine I buy, 5$ from Aldi's! Love.

Enjoying her fave treat too, we're budgie buddies.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the most cake

Doll Parts by Hole on Grooveshark

My birthday was this past Friday, the 8th! So I celebrated all weekend of course. Isn't it the best when your birthday falls on a Friday? I like to space it out a little anyway..and just kind of go with the flow. An aquarian through and through! I usually start stressing about what to do about a week before and then I don't want to do anything..the pressure! Mom tried to plan a surprise party for me a few years ago..worst idea ever. haha
I'm too weird.

This birthday was perfect! Most of my celebrations revolve around food. Luke was off all week and made me birthday brunch, Belgian waffles with mascarpone/whipped cream, strawberries..and chocolate covered ones too! He makes them for me every year, it's tradition.

Growing up it was a pizza/movie sleepover, and these beauties in the morning.  
Mom always made them!

My time travel necklace was appropriate..it's flying by!

Sported some falsies..and felt kinda like lambchop haha

Friday was the largest indoor yard sale at the fairgrounds and my birthday dinner of choice..Italian.
Every year.
We used to always go to The Olive Garden growing up but I really love cooking at home, my stuff just tastes better!
Baked eggplant stacks. With mascarpone.

cake cocktail

Saturday was sushi and thrifting with my mom and late night mexican food,margaritas,and movies with my little brother. The one plan I did have was to see Identity Thief. So freakin funny.
Melissa McCarthy is the best.

Luke helped me make my birthday dessert, a little white cake with layers of mascarpone and strawberry topped with meringue frosting. We nearly destroyed it..but not before two huge sheet cakes made their way into the house too! I love cake as much as the next girl..but this is just ridiculous.

 February makes me happy, Have a great Valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

winter weary

Slow It Down by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

 don't you frown when you're feeling like that,
only love can dig you out of this

It turned into a perfect snowy scene for a bit around here.
This was one of those warm days right before it all melted. So quiet, all you could hear was the sound of plump birds rustling about in the brambles around this little semi-frozen lake.
Fresh air is good for the soul.

I dug into my cape collection for the first time this season, vintage and navy..two of my favorites!
Doubled up on the tights, an open weaved textured pair over basic thick ones- both in mint. A bit out of my usual comfort zone. I have what I like to call a "funny" bone in my right leg that curves strangely. My mom asked the Dr.about it growing up and he said they would have to "break it to make it perfect." No thanks.  But now I usually wear dark tights and try to not draw attention to my legs, I'm working on letting go of silly hang ups like that and embracing my quirks. Next it's my crooked little teeth haha! It's weird, I really love "flaws" on everyone else. 
My berets and beanies are coming in handy lately. I straightened my hair for the first time in forever and realized I have a Scarjo circa '03 mullety thing going on..ah the joys of tirelessly growing out a pixie cut.

 falling snow is the best

This winter has been taking it's toll on me and I finally went to the Dr. for a check up for my thyroid(Hashimotos) and general run down-ness. I was diagnosed at around 10 but I haven't been treating it, or myself very well for that matter. Blood work was involved..needles are the worst. As someone who is afraid of going its a small victory in itself, I kept putting it off.  I've been sad and anxious, and just haven't felt like my true self for far too long. A melancholy world. The hardest part for me was admitting that I can't fix everything on my own..and not being embarrassed about things I can't control.
 I'm headstrong and independent. And maybe a bit eccentric and aloof in general. Letting people in on how I'm feeling has always been tough for me. One of my goals this year is to take better care of myself. I'm on the right course and looking on the bright side! I've been busy on house renovations and living in a constant construction zone so I'm trying to get into some sort of schedule to balance everything out. I'm too all over the place most of the time to worry about myself and I need to make some changes.
It's my birthday week and Luke's on vacation, we're going to do some fun stuff around here. I'm excited!

I'm still obsessed with my phone and instagram newness..easy and fast, I love it! As much as I wanted an awesome designer case I ended up going the diy route(clear cheapie+leftover fabric) It's already saved my phone from multiple near disaster drops, and it's pretty cute.

Hope you have a great week!