Friday, July 22, 2011

Film Friday

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -1958

This stars two of my favorites,Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman as Maggie and Brick. Brick is an alcoholic ex-football hero who spends his days drinking and avoiding his wife, Maggie. Most of the story takes place at a gorgeous estate in Mississippi where they go to spend time with Brick's father,Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer. I think this is Paul at his best, other than Cool Hand Luke, and Elizabeth is in her prime. One of the hottest on screen couples, the acting in this movie is how I imagine their personalities in real life. Elizabeth's wardrobe is fabulous and the set is amazing, perfect design inspiration!

aren't they striking?!

“You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.”- Tennessee Williams.


Michelle Lee said...

Haha love the quote

Your newest follower michelle

Sarah said...


I think I have seen this movie at my grandparents' house when I was very little. It looks SO familiar and now I think I have to run off and find it... so thank you for sharing the title with me!

Orange_G_World said...

interesting post! =)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I love that movie! Elizabeth Taylor is so amazing!

Courtney Michele said...

I've never seen this but I'm always looking for old movies to add to my list...I love them but I just never know which ones to watch. :)

xox Courtney Michele
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