Sunday, July 3, 2011

weekend winsome


 statement bangs

4th of July festivities

round sunnies

Law&Order SVU

all photos via

I was having major hair envy seeing all of my favorites rocking their bangs so I decided to go for it and cut em myself! I had full bangs growing up but when I hit my teens my hair texture changed from slightly wavy to full on curly and I grew them out...hopefully they still work for me! I don't watch too many TV shows but one of my all time favorites is Law and Order SVU..I secretly want to be detective Olivia Benson. Did you know that she is the daughter of Jayne gorgeous is Mariska Hargitay?!

This photo of Jayne and Sofia Loren cracks me up

I'm working on giving my retro schwinn "Clementine" a makeover, I can't wait to show her off!

Copper watching me paint

I Krylon

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 


Lidiya said...

I love this post! So cute & original =) xoxo

Laceface said...

omg cute puppy!! that bike is super cute too


Castle Fashion said...

I love her bangs! They're so bold. Whenever I get bangs they just kinda lay flat and floppy. They don't do the cool super model thingy :P Oh well! Haha. Got any tips on awesome bangs?

Castle Fashion

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,great selection of photos!Thanks for sharing!

Shelby said...

i love your blog! im so glad that i found it!
following now!

two birds said...

i love this random collection! what great picks! i will watch law % order any time of day, seriously! and bangs...i love them on other people...still trying to decide if i should keep or grow mine! maybe keep after seeing these pictures!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love the redhead in the 3rd photo.

I've got a raw crystal necklace giveaway on the ol' bloggo.
strawberry freckleface