Saturday, June 30, 2012


♪ Careless in our summer clothes,
splashing around in the muck and the mire ♪

I'd be more inclined to do my laundry if it looked like this all of the time! haha The only good thing about this dry, scorching heat is the lightening speed line drying. Summer sun laundry just smells the best.

We have this little brick area between the carriage house and deck that is the perfect hidden spot for a clothes line..and globe lights,courtesy of Luke. I took a solo trip last spring to hang with my oldest friend in Charleston and came back to a clean house and these strung up! What a guy.

Kitty rescuer..zizi loves to be with us in the yard but likes to explore a bit too far haha

It was his golden birthday yesterday, 29 on the 29th! 
We hung out in the air conditioning watching whatever he wanted..
I know I can't be the only one who lives with a manchild and gets sucked into watching adventure time and regular show?! Lumpy space princess kills me.

♪ It's summertime and you know what that means ♪
it's been in my head for months..haha

Baxter dug around in the dirt and plants on the deck this morning while I was watering the garden and had himself a munch of lettuce..followed by a bath!

I adore his little acorn nose

It's so hot over 100 degrees. Record breaking temps! I'm a winter baby, Fall is my comfort level! It was 108 on Thursday and is forecasted to be in the hundreds for at least a week straight. My glob. I'll be inside doin my summer cleaning and watching ridiculous tv shows. After exhausting all of my options on netflix instant I clicked my way onto pretty little's too much, I kind of love it. I just wanna know who A is! haha I'm 1/2 watching while cleaning my room, it's like I'm a teenager all over again. Kind of.

Stay cool!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


♪ Take me out tonight
Where there's music and there's people
And they're young and alive
Driving in your car
I never never want to go home  ♪

One of my summertime goals is to explore more, I'm dreaming of far off places when there is still so much to be seen right around the corner!  Luke and I took a little trip into the city yesterday. It's a short one, only about 30 minutes. I love being so close to St.Louis but just far enough away from the hustle and bustle. There are so many great things to do around the city, one of my favorite little areas is known as "the loop." A college town with awesome music venues,food,vintage shops...and a historic theater playing the movie I've been dying to see for months! What more could I ask for?

Oh yea..Boba milk tea from STL Bubble Tea,yum.

I really want to stay at the Moonrise Hotel, in the Vincent Price or Betty Grable room for my birthday. The whole place is's midcentury/spaced themed!

We planned the day around Moonrise Kingdom at the historic Tivoli Theater . It was built in the 1920's and is just gorgeous. Full of vintage movie posters,deco designs and the most magical red velvet curtain...I just love those. I really want to come back for a late night viewing of The Shining, I'm pretty sure I'm still terrified of that movie!

  I adored this movie, of course. I think Wes Anderson knows people like me eat this stuff up haha. Nostalgia,cartography,scouts,fashion,'s full of those perfect sun faded saturated summer colors of the 60's.  It's set on an idyllic island in '65 off the coast of New England and has amazing visuals and music, and an incredible cast. Bill Murray is one of my all time favorites, love him.

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with this 50's Hank Williams song right now..

and Suzy's style! She's sweet..with a dark side haha

I love that he wears a brooch "not meant for a male" and she's got on her "sunday school shoes"

She loves her Francoise Hardy(!) record most, and reading. I love when songs I love are in great movies! The beach scene is one of my favorites.

I hacked off this collar and cuffs from a thrifted blouse and added them to this lace shift dress

my "ugly school shoes" haha

vintage wicker bag and binoculars

My mom gave this to me a couple of weeks ago..along with a bunch of my teenage junk. I was a busy scout! It looks like I'm still into a lot of the same things haha

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

blow away

This vintage whistle actually works!

I've been waiting for an excuse to frolic around with my newest vintage umbrella and a rainy day finally came. I'd been eyeing this beauty in the display window of my favorite antique shop for a long time and Luke finally urged me to just get it already! haha It was under 20 bucks but I've been a lot more conscious of spending since buying a's equally the most thrilling/scary experience.

everything else-vintage/thrifted

 sometimes it's nice to remember the little things that make me happy..and they're free!

My best friend and I worked at the mall together when we were 16 and were just talking about how we used to blow our tiny paycheck at the clothing store(Weathervane) or drive to the really big mall in the city. It had the only forever 21 at the time and it seemed like we shopped all day and only ended up with a headband..or a shirt. So much more carefree. When I first moved out at 19 renting an apartment and having three roommates kept the bills pretty low. I remember Luke and I making the short trip into St.Louis once a week to go to our favorite sushi restaurant, our friends there who used to know our order by heart wouldn't even recognize us now. It's like damn..remember when I could buy a new dress or eat sushi out? haha Now it's how many ways can I wear this dress and I should really make more sushi at home!

Sushi Party! The packaging makes me happy.

agedashi tofu and tofu/avocado rolls

After multiple tries I've finally perfected my sticky rice..hooray!

In other news, I woke up this morning and told luke to "embrace the paste" haha! I heard that phrase over and over in my dream and woke up thinking what is that from? Oh yea, this probably had something to do with it!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

'til sunbeams find you

Daydream by Wallace Collection on Grooveshark

I love the weather we've been having the past few days, 70's and sunny! A welcome break from the summertime heat, if I can wear tights and sleeves I'm a happy girl.  These were taken at what we like to call picnic park. There are a few parks in the area that we love for certain reasons and this is our favorite, it's close enough to ride our bikes to and has the perfect ratio of clearing/trees. I'm horrible at directions and street names thus the easy alliteration. I dubbed this area  woodchuck way,  there are usually no less than three of the chubby little roly polys trumbleing* around!

* I have a number of funny words in my vocabulary that have been inherited/made up. I say them a lot but sometimes I catch myself typing them and think, that an actual word? haha

 via dear winsome dictionary
verb- to move around clumsily with no rhyme or reason
example- i hear you trumbleing around down there, what are you looking for?
see also: trumble-hound(copper!)

using my "heavy metal" headpiece sample from a few seasons ago as my holga strap

fools gold

            vintage manatee necklace          
one of his little
flippers is missing..makes me love him even

this medallion is metal and surprisingly heavy

dress(altered f21)-cut the sleeves off to make it fresh
sheer blouse-vintage
velvet bow hat and bag-vintage
everything else-vintage/handmade by me

one of my favorite bracelets, I love how the glass stones are dark but warm up in the sun..reminds me of my hair color!

I have a few reoccurring dreams in which I can't get to where I need to be or I'm unprepared, the most frustrating ones put me back in high school sans schedule with no idea how to get to my class. Or with only a skirt to wear and unshaven legs, or no makeup! I deal with pretty strict deadlines on a daily basis so it's probably just the stress of getting to everything on my plate. Sometimes I feel like a freshman to adulthood, even though I'm in my mid twenties! 

I had the craziest dream last night were I was frantically trying to make it to a flight to Australia that left at 12:25 am and no matter what I couldn't find my way through the airport in time and missed the only flight. Somehow I managed to buy my way(for 40 dollars!) onto a private run down plane that was taking a small group to the outback. I have no idea why I was going anyway but in the dream I tell the passengers that I wasn't even upset about losing out on the super expensive tickets.."it was the koalas, it's always the koalas" haha! If I had a spirit animal it would be a koala, or an otter..

Happy Friday!