Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rust and rose

Winter Songs by The Head and the Heart on Grooveshark

Has time driven our season away?

I was so excited when I peeped this trench at the local salvation army..1960's,rust,a hood! As a shortie(5'3!)I usually shy away from floor sweeping hems,but with a little platform and a shorter dress I think it works. Also, I don't care because I really love this coat haha

Pretty proud of myself. I usually search for less busy photo areas but at 4 in the afternoon it was almost dark! Pictures on our street it is. There was a gaggle of kids/parents at the playground and the lady across the street came out to sit on the porch and let her dogs out..including my friend the big arse German Shepard. I've nicknamed him Claus. He's all white with a tan nose and loves to run right to the corners of his wrought iron fence and proceed to dig the mess out of the landscaping and plants..
to get to me I'm sure. Every time haha!
 Please don't eat me friend.

I love being in the historic district, cobblestone!
pumpkin spice and everything nice..
this outfit has a lot of favorites, old and new.
espresso platforms-blowfish
trench/bag/spoon ring-vintage
dress/tights/headband/shield ring-f21
vintage prism necklace/vintage k/horse and hare brooches-handmade by me

                                  cat scratch fever

I'm a sucker for pretty lace dresses..
and I've never really been able to resist this perfect nude/rose/pink!
or a handsome matching silky lining.
lace in the light
My newest little vintage creature. A score from this weekend, and my eyeliner inspiration..
doe eyes

new hair! violet navy-ish grey? haha
 i might love it.
fave orangey-red lipcolor- rossetto  #12 kate moss collection for rimmel
Luke's off today and I'm trying to convince him to take me to see Anna Karenina..Keira Knightly doing what she does best, I love her in period films. And doomed love stories, it's from the director of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement ..James Mcavoy, swoon.
He may have caught on that I'm mostly going to check out Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Count Vronsky.
There's something about him.
There are as many loves as there are hearts
-Leo Tolstoy
Happy Tuesday! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

midweek menagerie

a collection of thoughts and things..
thrifty treasures-
the recipe binder only had one thing written in it: one of my favorite recipes! mmm ambrosia
escalloped apples sound fancy
the prettiest prints

This vintage tufted velvet sofa is one of my all time favorite finds,
I scored it a few years ago for under 100!
chevron and velvet
Got this new UO catalog with this beauty on the back..after my own heart!
The sofa alone is around 800, I thrifted everything on mine for under 140..sofa included!
Thrifting's my favorite.
skin saver-

I get the driest skin in the winter..finally caved and got a good one.

tis the season-
first nog of the year
 homemade chocolate caramel cake with chocolate caramel brownie coffee..
o yea.

new lovelies for the shop

and some pretty leaves
Lu likes to sit on my lap when I'm doing computer stuff..I came back into my studio to find him getting a kick out of the armadillo gif from Kaelah's blog haha!
Hope you're having a great week!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

puppy party

Copper's 5th birthday!

we were just hanging on the deck when...
His cousin Mogwai came to play!
My little bro(19!) just moved into his first place, it's on my street!

he's a silly little piggy

Lumen and Zizi stuck to higher ground..Lu's not sure what kind of creature Mog is yet but..
he does not like haha

Z reminds me of the black wolf from The NeverEnding Story and the snake from Beetlejuice haha
I hope you're somewhere loving this Indian summer, 80 degrees here!
Happy Weekend!