Sunday, January 6, 2013

treat : iced wintermint cake

After making too many sweets from scratch for the holiday bakery boxes I wanted something much easier for my wintry mix and frosting to the rescue. A trimmed doily works perfect as a stencil with the remainder as a pretty base, I knew I would use them for something! I fancied it up a bit with a dusting of powdered sugar(snow drifts?) some pine garland, and my vintage deer family.

the sweetest little faces..

Drops of food coloring(7green,3blue) and mint flavoring(1tsp) made my basic yellow cake a bit more festive.

I'm notorious for using the wrong tools for the job in the kitchen..too small bowls, a spoon instead of the potato masher,etc. It drives Luke bananas. I've yet to get myself some proper cake shown in the uneven layers. Pyrex works wonders in a pinch though haha

Hope you're having a sweet weekend!


Valerie said...

That is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen! Stumbled on your blog by accident. Everything you make is beautiful. Will definitely come back! <3

♡ Valerie,

May Pacheco said...

That was a great cake decoration... and looks yummy. Congratz.

Marlen said...

this cake is GORGEOUS! i love how you used a doily to create a pattern with powder sugar. that was a stroke of brilliance. and that antique deer ornament made it so precious. and im the same way in the kitchen- i use absolutely everything wrong haha

charley said...

This is so pretty and looks delish! xo