Sunday, January 13, 2013


the world isn't in your books and maps...

it's out there

Luke and I had two glorious consecutive days off this week. We didn't make any plans, just adventured. Which meant walking to Main St. to explore our favorite dusty thrift shop and lugging a bunch of stuff back home. Should have thought about that part haha. The weather was incredible, sunny and 60! Love when that happens. Isn't it the worst when it rains on your day off, and all you want to do is go outside? The next day was gloomy and rainy so we had Mexican and margaritas and slipped into our local historic theater, "The Lincoln," for an early afternoon Hobbit fest. Popcorn with real butter, strawberry Twizzlers too! He's a Sno-Caps kinda guy. We read the entire book out loud before bed a few years ago(Luke's idea) so we we're excited to see it. In line I realized we were surrounded by the white haired crew..and told him," This is it, we're officially old people" haha

Luke let me get every piece of glass ware I wanted.. and didn't complain once about the heavy load. That's love. haha Vintage shot glasses in the perfect green(35 cents!) couldn't be passed up. I'm working on getting my bar cart back in order. It got displaced during the living room renovations and then the Christmas tree stole it's space. The jerk. He's still up. One of my goals this year is to create more libations..I'm a total lightweight and never really like anything I get out anywhere. I'm more into subtle flavor..this one's amazing!

cucumber pear fizz!
love cucumber vodka.

fresh tech

We've been using Luke's Christmas present daily, this little Mr. Coffee espresso machine is just right..and a steal for under 40! mmm foam.

He surprised me about a week after the holidays with a package from amazon! The Crosley record player I've been mentioning for the longest..his dad's 1970's setup was always on the fritz, and never played my thrifted records. This one is the perfect teal, and converts my tunes to mp3' it so far! He's pretty great too, and lets me sleep in and wake up to the smell of lattes and cinnamon rolls.

 it folds up..fits right in with my vintage blue suitcase collection

Finally got a smartphone, I've been waiting forever! Fairly certain that I'm the last one on the planet to join the cool crowd. I don't know what to do with myself, new technology! haha I was really sad without an instagram, and a good cell camera. Look at that old to say I never wanted to use it. 

Caved and got hulu plus. We're totally caught up on Parks and Rec and I've already made my way through New Girl,Merlin,Portlandia,Once Upon a Time..working on Downton Abbey now. I 've been missing all of my favorites, I need my stories! We used to love watching masterpiece classics on PBS every Sunday. I'm horrible at watching shows in real time.They have a bunch of criterion classics too, and french new wave. Use this link for 2 weeks free!

Let's just say I've been watching a lot..but I always have my hands busy working on a project. And I've got plenty.
I was pondering what my New Year's goals should be, I always set them too lofty. Thinking simple this year..

Peter LaFleur: I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you don't have one, then you are never disappointed. And I got to tell you it feels phenomenal.

Like keep plants alive.

They usually die a sad, slow death in my care. In some little corner of a room I don't visit enough..out of sight..
This orchid is my pride and joy right now. Even my succulents and ivy have shriveled up into pitiful little things. Yes, succulents. The plants that can't be killed. haha

This beauty has been alive for a few months now, and has even bloomed more flowers. That never happens. I snagged this print on sale at uo, painted the frame, and added my fave vintage millinery flowers. 
My mantra right now.


new(wrinkly) shower curtain-uo

snakes for the shop

pretty patterns

We're learning how to crochet together, I need help. I always pick up hobbies and get frustrated and forget them. He's just better at stuff like this.

Someone was over recently and said "It's like going down the rabbit hole when I come to your house,  You're usually in some weird outfit,with the're sort of ordinary today" haha! That's about right.
He also said "Every time I think of your house I think of Lincoln"

I'm gonna let Baxter greet him wearing this next time..
Lookin fresh.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


amanda said...

Your bar cart is amazing! Your individual touches a lovely but the cart itself is so deco, so great. That crosley is pretty rad also.


Jennifer said...

cute snapshots :)

xo Jennifer

libys11 said...

you have such cool and pretty things!!! :D

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Yelle said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I adore thrifting - but what I love even more was your beau's idea to read the Hobbit out loud before bed! We have gotten into the bad habit of watching terrible TV shows before TV so I would love to do something like that!

That Crosley record player is so pretty and kind of amazing! We have a relatively new one, but I would totally splurge on a second for one that beautiful!