Friday, October 19, 2012

kitschen comforts

Some snaps of the little details that make my kitchen one of my favorite places, it's coming together slowly but surely! I like to take my time with all of the house work/decorating to keep my sanity..the stories she could tell! Like who painted bright orange over two layers of old wallpaper in this kitchen of mine..luckily I saw potential in this fixer upper and sort of knew what I was getting into haha Over 150 years old and 2,800 sq ft, every inch needed tons of tlc..

The girl at salvation army said "I thought of you when I saw these rain boots" when I checked out haha She knows me well!
Nearly everything is vintage from thrift stores, flea markets..and perfectly imperfect. Just how I like it, things that are too nice make me nervous.
This vintage omelet pan is one of my favorite things to use, perfect every time!
The smallest tea canister was just found by itself years later at a different thrift store, love when that happens
My milk glass collection started to get really huge before the wedding..and just keeps growing. They are perfect displayed above the cabinets
Thanks for taking a peak into this space of mine!


Circus Girl (Zoƫ) said...

Gorgeous! I love the yellow, we are about to paint our bedroom yellow! :) x

Anonymous said...

It all looks so lovely. Come do my kitchen? We seem to have a lot of the same pyrex!

JellyBones said...

Oh I love vintage metal canisters. And that little puppy plant holder!
Love that.

Kailey said...

I ADORE this post - these all look so incredible and is giving me ideas for my room! Thank you for sharing! <3