Sunday, October 14, 2012

weekend winsome

I used to love to post these little recaps religiously every Sunday night, I haven't done one in the longest! I blame my bad blogging on the broken down laptop. I swear I was so much more productive when I could watch tv/netflix and do work..being in my studio is too secluded!

wearing- the perfect striped shirt and newest vintage enamel brooch

tasty treats-

 Do you know the joys of jello 123? Luke has this dessert down.
second homemade soup of the month- zuppa toscana! and grilled tomato/basil/mozzarella sammies

Remember the Book It! program in school?  I used to go crazy for the personal pan cheese's like that, on steroids. Sooo good. Also, things taste better in a cool box. Luke's been trying to get me to read The Count of Monte Cristo aloud before bed. I made it through a few chapters, I deserve it. haha
I liiike cheeese

Did I ever tell you that Aldi's is my favorite place to grocery shop?
'cause it is.
                                                 even the bagels are pumpkin spice!

Lu's getting so big, like a teenager haha he's 4lbs now!

little black bean toes

this was my life this morning haha there's a bunny in that mix too!

whomp fest


Saturday morning Luke and I got sucked into watching a "Too Cute" marathon on animal planet. Baby animals and a whole episode on sloths!! I adore their perma smile, these people literally have my dream job!

Buttercup is the coolest.

This made me laugh so hard it hurt..I was saying "i want buttar, sketti and ketchup" and "don't tell nobody mootie moot" in my head all weekend haha! I love you Christopher Walken.
Did you guys watch The Walking Dead premiere tonight?! So excited that I was actually caught up with a show enough to watch it "live" haha I'm always late to the party.

Hope you had a great weekend!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

I hope you are told very often how pretty you are.

the pic with copper and the kitties
he looks like they give him no peace!!

thank you for introducing honey boo boo
to me!!! utterly.addicted!:)

Anonymous said...

Can I please have all your animals?

JellyBones said...

Oh my gosh. Christopher Walken meets Honey booboo chail! I have died.....