Thursday, October 25, 2012

the clash

I want you to notice
When I'm not around

Ever put on something that you think matches perfectly and realize it's completely clashing?
That's this shirt. To my human eyes this weird ocher-ish color matched the leaves in this dress, it came off looking more pumpkin spice on camera..drat. They look awesome together hanging in my closet though! haha My fortune cookie said it perfectly-

To have a beautiful life you have to make some beautiful mistakes

perfect coat hook!

We discovered a new tree at one of our favorite parks, the Honey Locust!
It's near a little river and has the gnarliest looking massive spikes protruding from an otherwise normal looking tree..there were black banana looking things all over the ground under it too, what a weirdo!

Honey Locust facts( from wiki)

The name derives from the sweet taste of the legume pulp, which was used for food by Native American people, and can also be fermented to make beer.

The strongly scented cream-colored flowers appear in late spring. The fruit of the Honey locust is a flat legume (pod) that matures in early autumn.

These thorns are thought to have evolved to protect the trees from browsing Pleistocene megafauna

 Pleistocene megafauna is the set of species of large animals that lived on Earth during the Pleistocene epoch and became extinct in a Quaternary extinction event. These species appear to have died off as humans expanded, larger islands lost the vast majority of their larger and all of their largest mammals.  Four theories have been given for these extinctions: hunting by the spreading humans,[1] climatic change, spreading disease, and an impact from an asteroid or comet,[2] a combination of which is also possible.

giant ground sloth

I can just imagine the amazing creatures that used to roam these lands, wish I could go back in time!

Have you guys been watching American Horror Story?! This season is extra creepy/awesome..loving the 60's flashbacks.

Hope you're having a great week!

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loooove your outfit! and hair! so cute!

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