Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekend winsome



We've been watching this lately for the second time, the fair is in town so it's perfect timing!
I can't really even begin to describe my love for this show. It combines my interest in depression era fashion and furnishings with circus shenanigans and mysticism, a supreme battle of good and evil. It's all around awesome, albeit a bit of my favorite shows ever. Based in the 1930's it follows a traveling carnival and it's troop of misfits around the United States during the dust bowl. It's one of those great HBO shows that was canceled far before it's time..I think it would be better received now in the wake of crazier shows like True Blood. I'm really sad there's only two seasons..and I'm a little sad for you if you haven't watched this show yet!

*voice of mr.krabs!!

We had the most perfect, cool weather this weekend. As I'm typing this the chilly air is rushing through the open's 70! I get excited about things like that. We even slept with the bedroom windows open the past few days. Luke tried to wake me up this morning.."get outta bed sleepy head." I just snuggled in further saying "but it's sleeping weather" haha I just love it.

Brunch on the deck.

I make a mean french toast.

Took Clemmie out for a midday bike ride..Z rode in the basket for about 1 minute haha

Lets roll.

Playing with my new favorite vintage camera, it matches my bike!

Even though I was dying for a ferris wheel ride/funnel cake it was raining on and off so we decided to grill and make our own at home instead!

a few shots from last year..

Pretty darn good.

I hope you had a fun weekend!

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