Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty Project : studded

I stumbled upon some extra studs left from an accessories project a few years ago and decided to put them to good use..studding one of my faux leather jackets!

Choose studs with a pronged back, push through the fabric and bend prongs in to secure.

I love the look of studs and spikes, but more in a subtle way. If I look too badass my first thought is "aw man..I hope they don't think that I think I'm cool haha The great thing about fashion is you can decide what kind of mood you're in at that moment, this is my little bit tough.

As I was gettin' my stud on..

I spotted Instant Star on netflix instant and had to re watch. I remember randomly watching it when I was in younger, I think I secretly wanted to be a rocker chick. This Canadian show drops more aboots than Robin on HIMYM. Canadianisms are adorable! Sometimes I just feel like being nostalgic and watching ridiculous shows from my childhood. Plus I'm kind of running out of stuff to watch while I'm working..Netflix needs to hurry up and update some classics for me! I still collect and read RL Stine Fear Street books from the thrift store haha

I had a tiny crush on Jamie..he goes for the girl with studs

Happy Friday!


modern Suburbanites said...

super cute! it looks great!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

looks really good.
I like how subtle they look with the colour as
opposed to sometimes quite harsh when
on black leather.
you're cool period Krystle!

what the hell is that show?!
it looks amazing.
I need a dvd box set NOW!!