Thursday, August 23, 2012

early autumn

Bird Of The Summer by A Fine Frenzy on Grooveshark

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns."
- George Eliot

I love this time in late summer, after the long stretch of intense heat here in the Midwest it's finally cooling down. I already sipped my first hot apple cider out of a mason jar..with a cinnamon stick. So excited for my favorite season!We had an entire week of fall like weather and some of the trees and plants got super excited too and started changing colors, I busted out the tights. And A Fine Frenzy, it's a fall thing.  Luke's been off all week, we're having a little staycation. Doing cheap things around town that we love. Yesterday we spent some time at my parents and headed out to my favorite park, Pleasant Ridge. My childhood place to hunt for mushrooms and explore, it was Clementine's first trip here! I ♥ my bike.

Clemmie, posted up.

She was a rusty dusty purple Schwinn before her makeover last summer, my favorite project so far. Most of the upgrades were super affordable and found on ebay-seat,grips,basket..Krylon paint job by me,bell from UO.

One of my favorite dresses, I wear it every season! I'm working with a tiny favorite pieces have multiple neutral-ish colors, so many color combos!

hat-ebay, rings-topshop,f21
vintage prism necklace-handmade by me

love this

Dairy Haven
cheesecake yogurt + waffle cone= all time favorite

Happy Thursday!


modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos!

The Perfect Pear said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh! this is just all wayyy to cute! your bike is adorable and it totally works with your outfit! :)

JellyBones said...

I am DEFINITELY not quite ready for fall, but it is, however, my fave season by far. Here in Seattle, we've had 3 weeks of hot weather. 3 WEEKS! You look totally adorable in your fall garb though! Very cute!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness you are as cute as a button! This outfit is so wonderfully and I am so jealous of your hat! I've been looking for one like that forever!