Tuesday, July 31, 2012

gloomy sunday

We had an awesome, low key weekend. I kind of love the days when there is really nothing to do but whatever sounds good. There's been a crazy heat wave for weeks and the rain finally came on Sunday. It was that light, steady rain that just cools down the air..we threw open every window. Chilly days in the summer are my favorite! The rain curbed our plans of a little day trip to Grafton for the riverside flea market,hummingbird festival(!), and blackberry picking..sounds awesome right?! We stayed in town instead and pretended like we were on vacation. I was really looking forward to catching/adopting/releasing my own little bird...

 Homemade gooey butter cake..The best. The recipe's from high school home ec, my favorite class.

Fresh picks-this is what I normally strive for when thrifting: 60's florals,sweet flats,anything tooled,cute/pretty glass things
enamel brooches! These are kind of hard to find lately so it's extra exciting.

I've been re-watching freaks and geeks, so many great people. We caught up on breaking bad season 4 on netflix instant, that finale..epic. Saturday's late night Workaholics marathon was the best..it's one of our favorites, Wilfred too!

"I need to do more bad ass stuff. Watch more classic movies. I haven't even seen Beauty and the Beast in like seven years and that was my favorite movie, and I'm blowing it!" -newest favorite adam moment

60's scrabble..original owners notebook

Most of the time was spent outside on the deck being our future old people selves. An entire game of scrabble,coffee,little sandwiches, animal friends..it was perfection. To be fair we played the loose rules edition..if you can make it sound like something Adam DeMamp might say and provide a matching description, it goes! haha Wandly.

honey peanut butter+smuckers strawberry jam

 Zizi's getting back to her feisty self, she had a sick spell and made me worry like crazy. I love this sweet girl. We took her in a few years ago and she's had my heart ever since Luke plopped her rumpled self down on our bed. She's the creepiest/cutest thing I've ever seen..her profile is so sinister. And she has this weird little goatee. My tiny bearded lady. I want to re do the eaves on our 1860's house with little gargoyles of her haha

Dinner with tomatoes and tiny peppers from the garden. I think it's pretty much done for the season, the sun was killer!

Gave myself some fresh fringe/color. Such a weird in-between stage, all I want to do in this heat is throw it in a tiny ponytail. Growing it out from a pixie is tough!

Just found this goofy one from last summer..this is the color/length I want again. I'm pretty sure it's the same hairstyle from when I was 8..S'go back in time!

Happy Tuesday!


modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos!


Sarah said...

This whole post is brimming with awesome, relaxing weekendness right there. I'm a little jealous. (:

Naomi George said...

All of your photos were lovely! I love to play Scrabble, and really any kind of game ;)

♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

Kailey said...

The pictures in this post truly are GORGEOUS *_* That cake looks heavenly, and so do your thrifting finds!