Friday, July 27, 2012

film friday

I haven't done a film friday in a while..mostly because they changed the cable lineup and took away TCM! I was devastated. We, myself and the senior citizen community, are outraged. haha This article cracks me up!  I don't love a whole lot of tv but c'mon, Turner Classic Movies?! I would have it on all day while I was working in the it's back to netflix for my old movie fix. I'm re watching favorites now and this is definitely top 10, it's one the first classic movies Luke and I watched together. I think we might have watched Sunset Boulevard on the same night..these were his picks, I think he likes feisty older ladies. We were browsing through books at the flea market a few months ago and I heard a voice squeal "Auntie Mame!" haha he had found the vintage book and was excited to show me..I still make fun of him. I guess you could say he loves it too!

My screenshots, I just love the colors and details of this film..

Auntie Mame(1958)

I ♥ vintage kaleidoscopes

Set in 1920's New York,  Rosalind Russell(Mame) is an eccentric wealthy women with a zest for life and luxury. I adore her. She always throws the best parties and is decked out in the latest fashions. She changes color schemes in her grand home quicker than her hair color haha She's what I imagine myself to be as an older lady..minus the funds. Mame's world is turned upside down when she inherits her young nephew followed by a stock market crash. She's gotta find a job, or a man...

That bar cart, her collars!

The fleeing fox and too small shoes are my favorite, she cracks me up!


Happy Friday!

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