Friday, July 20, 2012

days of our lives..

In an effort to capture more everyday snaps I wanted to do some sort of my day in photos type of post. I was telling Luke that I was going to call it a day in the life(that song was stuck in my head!) and then last night Kellen put on a song that sampled the theme from days of our lives..that was my jam! I remember watching it every day with my grandpa in the 90's, it's safe to say that show was my first taste of tv drama. As a teenager I was all about the soap opera Passions, please tell me someone else watched that ridiculousness haha!

like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives..

I'm really bad at eating breakfast but I do drink coffee every day. I almost always make a whole pot and end up drinking only 1 or 2 cups, or I get distracted and wait till it's cold to take a sip. Quirky vintage mugs are one of my favorite things to collect. The book is pretty interesting so far..I couldn't resist the tittle.

Laundry for the vintage shop, I'm seriously slacking on my update but I have quite the inventory!

Tomatoes from the garden and cottage cheese. Geez I sound like my grandma Betty..I'm an old person. haha There really is nothing like a warm sun ripened tomato from your own backyard. 

Afternoon snuggle party in bed, all my friends are here!
Copper loves to be pet, or "meated up" he's sooo meaty.
Baxter's face kills me.
My favorite tail.

Watching Wanderlust for the second time..

We saw it in theaters with my mom on her birthday. She loves Paul Rudd too and it was so funny to look over and see her face during his "mirror scene" you know which one I'm talking about! haha my latest favorite movie line is "cut to"

did some thrifting..
New/vintage pillowcases- just like my sheets!

Thrifting themes. Sometimes it happens, and it's awesome.
thrifty tip #1- wear your comfiest(and possibly ugliest?) shoes

sushi date!

 Our favorite place opened just down the street last year and its super affordable and delicious..we are usually the only ones there, it's the best. The sushi chef/owner always smiles big through the kitchen window and I give him the head shake and thumbs up while chowing down. Every time. haha

Went to Kellen's and dug through his record collection..

midnight city..
I really do love my town at night!

Having the day off with my best buddy is the greatest, this was my perfect kind of day. I'm a total homebody/introvert and I've been feeling a bit down lately and craving some human interaction haha This day was just what I needed. I sometimes have a hard time gauging if people like me or not and it makes me a little sad. Lame? Probably. I'm sure I think too much. Someone that was hanging out with us last night out of the blue looked over and said " you are so fun" Me-thank you, that's so nice to hear. Another person was like "Yeah, Krystle is funny as hell!" haha It's kind of like when I get a sweet comment or someone new follows my blog! I'm like aww..yay! that's so nice! I know, I'm a dork. haha I only ever want to be a nice addition.. not the most popular or pretty. More understated and unexpected. I guess that is what I want this little place of mine to be. I can only be myself, if another like minded soul can appreciate that than it just makes life a little more sweet.

Happy Friday!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

great idea for a post.
haha DAYS OF OUR LIVES - they used
to show it here, so dramatic+addictive!!
Copper's like 'I *am* going to be the first picture!?!
thumbs up for beck.
wow ... L-O-V-E that last picture.

it's funny I was thinking the other day
if people's core+being could be defined
by how others see them rather than how
they see themselves, everything would
be so much better.

you will always be more than a nice addition
you are already pretty - and I reckon you
are damn popular too. well what was said
about you proves that:)

michelle tree said...

This is so sweet! There are many things I like about these picture. I do believe the Charade record and suitcases are my favorite. I'm a sucker for red!