Friday, September 7, 2012


How Deep Is Your Love by The Bird and the Bee on Grooveshark

beekeeper brooch-inspired by chuck charles

It finally stop raining long enough to visit the park where we got married, It looks just as pretty as I remember. We planned on going on our anniversary(4th!) last Friday but the weather has been crazy, love this cooler air though. I wasn't sure what to expect with this intense heat we had this summer, but almost everything was in full bloom! So many different shades of roses and pretty little flowers and herbs, the old guy who cares for this unexpected garden really loves what he does. I secretly think it's tiny garden gnomes that come out at night and do all the work, how else can you explain this perfect little gnome home and well? haha

I scored this vintage trench from a lady at a yard sale, she was telling me how she rocked it in the early 70's with her matching mary janes..I got those too! I love buying vintage from the owner. This is about as bright as my clothes go. I prefer a lot of muted shades but I love certain candy colors too. I like to call this "maybelline pink," my Chi flatiron is the same color!

brooch/pin-handmade by me

Also, my collar was "half popped" the entire time.  I'm sure the young go hards appreciated it haha. Luke said he thought I did it on purpose, we're gonna go with that.

I couldn't believe all the action in the gardens, so many bees and butterflies! We even spotted a hummingbird. I always get excited when I see those little guys, like magical little fairies.

"Where it all went down" as Luke put it when we were walking up. When I was planning our wedding I knew I wanted it to be outside..this perfect place only cost about 50 bucks to reserve, sweet!

We also picked up something special on the way home, more on that later! There's a storm rolling in and I'm watching Dinosaurs(!!) on netflix..I may or may not be living my childhood fantasy right now haha

Happy Friday!

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