Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 you should be wilder, you're no fun at all

My friends dragged my out of the house this weekend, I can become quite the hermit if left to my own devices for too long. Sometimes I need a little push. "Are you alive" texts remind me to reconnect with people haha. They lured me in under the ruse of a movie fest/sleepover..we ended up going out.  I just really like my house, and doing my own thing most of the time. Give me netflix and a night in every day of the week. Growing up I couldn't get out of the house enough, now my life is more settled and I love it. I get excited about things like the Metric(!) concert next month and my favorite shows coming back on..sons of anarchy, always sunny! Flea market's in town? I'm there. Bars..not really my scene. I'm an introvert though and through, I'm working on being more fun. I am fun, just a different kind of fun, low key things excite me haha

My misadventures in red hair..I've already dyed it a deeper brown/red. I had to bleach it(ugh) to get the black out, it always goes too dark! It was supposed to be the auburn of  my dreams but it was too vibrant over the lighter bits. I just feel more myself with a little brunette in there, I was blonde as a child and it turned to a light mousy brown, who knows what color I should be? I guess what ever fancies me at the moment. Right now I'm seeing red.
Happy Wednesday!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

metric!! - so jealous
cool hair colour

Anonymous said...

As a lady with purple hair I say do what you want! The auburn looks lovely.