Monday, September 10, 2012

I love Lu


 This is the surprise we picked up last week, the best anniversary present ever! He was free to a good home, I couldn't resist. I got all saucer eyed as soon as I spotted him..I wanted his brother too haha! So sweet and cute.  And he has the prettiest cat eyes. He's a little thing about 2 months old, apparently his dad was a big 1/2 Siamese tomcat who liked to talk. He lets out the tiniest "mew," the sweetest sound.
While we were dreaming up names I was checking out one of Luke's astronomy magazines and came across luminous..Lumen! And it's a character on one of our favorite's, Dexter.
The Lumen is the SI unit of luminous flux, a measure of the power of light perceived by the human eye. ...
 He sounds like a baby with a bottle when he drinks water and looks like a Maneki-neko when he's trying to cute and funny!
Sandpaper kisses for my cheeks and hands. He cuddles up next to me in bed and spends equal time playing and napping.  I don't have a ton of experience with little baby kittehs, but I did have a gaggle of kittens born in my dresser drawer as a child haha We only kept one, a  glorious puff of all white fur. When he was a giant man cat I gave him a pale blue kool aide rinse, surprisingly he still adored me. I'm trying to be a good kitty mommy and resist "hand play." The back leg kick move cracks me up but apparently cats are vicious predators with murder in their eyes and a thirst for blood.  I've been watching a lot of "my cat from hell" lately..I don't want him to grow up and hate me! haha A couple of Lu look alike's were getting pretty crazy on there, please don't lunge at my neck when you're hugely fat and beastly.

look at those freakish feet!

I mostly call him Lu, or Sir Catty Whompus. Love his crooked coloring, the black shape on his nose is my favorite. He probably thinks his name is "Hi Lu!"
I love Lu.

Have a lovely week!



Crissy said...

Awww I'm such a sucker for cute kitty photos ^0^

Roselie said...

Aww how cute!And I love the name....,

Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Oh wow, here comes trouble! Look at that face! ^..^ So adorable and what a perfect name! I am indulging in a bunch of Space dvds at the moment and adore all the words associated with the sun, stars and light! I am sure with a good mama like you he will grow to be your wee man about the house and not evil! :) Aww, totally cheered a flu ridden girl in Scotland up! haha! :) I hope you guys are having the best weekend! Zoë x

Anonymous said...

Ah, too beautiful. I adopted two cats recently (actually a year ago, I have no sense of time). They are the best fun!