Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my funny valentine

Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers on Grooveshark

Luke and I had a perfectly low key Valentine's Day, just the way we like it. I made breakfast, he made dinner. It's a partnership..we balance each other out. He's practical and sensible, I'm impulsive and a bit fickle at times. I didn't dream of my wedding day as a little girl but I knew how I wanted to be loved, Luke is my very best friend. He also does the dishes after I wreck the place,folds socks, and is the best kitty/puppy/bunny daddy in the world..they love him the most haha I'm so glad he held my hand that summer night years ago, we've been inseparable ever since!

favorite vintage mugs
answering e-mails vday style
heart shaped breakfast-pecan/peach pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup and southwest eggs

pretty bday/vday roses

I snagged this dress from modcloth during the last big sale, love it!
heart brooch and velvet neck bow-handmade by me

love this wall on my street, I can't imagine anything ever costing 5 cents!

We watched Picnic at Hanging Rock later that night, I didn't realized it was set on Valentine's Day! It's been on my Netflix queue for over a year..a "misplaced" mad men disc was finally found and this was the first movie to come in yesterday, perfect timing!

I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day!


modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos! sounds like a great day!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

haha you can't stop there Krystle!! ('I'm so glad he held
my hand that summer night')
it's like seeing the trailer of a film + needing
to know more :)
you always write so beautifully. they say everyone
has 1 book in them. yours would be amazing.

gee said...

what a perfect dress for vday that you snagged during the sale. (gotta love those sales..otherwise i would never shop there..haha. )
that breakfast looks amazing. hope your valentines day was fabulous.
have a wonderful weekend.

Mandi said...

Hi! I just found your blog for the first time from your comment on mine. Your handmade accessories are really cute, and so are you! I totally know what you mean about that small-town feeling of knowing instantly when someone could be your kindred spirit, just by their clothes. :) I actually had a girl come upa nd introduce herself to me at the coffee shop a couple of weeks ago, and she was really nervous, said she never does these things. But she had to talk to me because I was talking to my friend about vintage, and she doesn't know many people who are into it. Turns out we had many mutual friends, which I figured, since Canton Ohio's not a big city, and so the odds are pretty good that the same kind of people are friends with the same kind of people. :)

Little Tree Vintage said...

cute! hope you had a great valentine's day!