Tuesday, February 7, 2012

aquarian child

One of my favorite places to be growing up, the woods at Pleasant Ridge. I love the little natural river and waterfall and all of the moss and mushrooms.  I would come here to collect morels(so tasty!) and hike the trails but mostly to read and be alone..I'm an introvert like that haha

the "octopus" tree

velvet bow brooch-handmade by me


I picked up this vintage(1930's) book at the flea market. I couldn't resist the pretty faded colors, it's one of my favorite subjects..Astrology!

My birthday is tomorrow so I thought I would share a bit from this book about my sign, Aquarius! Humor me. It's my almost birthday!

impulsive by nature(so true!)
money means very little to them
modest and unassuming,are at first often overlooked
birth sign of the optimist, see things from a cosmic standpoint
it matters little what their environment is, they are equal to it, whatever it may be
plenty of sleep,fresh air, and a simple but nourishing diet is essential to their well being

aquarian character is like a cube of rock among spheres
there is no other set of people so controlled from within,so nearly master of themselves, as the aquarians!

date specific- Jan 31st-Feb 9th
born in one of the best signs of the zodiac and in one of the best parts of that sign

You are what astrology calls an "Aquarian Child"

Planetary colors- blue, bluish green, and black
Flowers- primrose,pansy,and daffodil
Stones- agate,marcasite,emerald,topaz,opal,and sapphire

wearing these will be dressing in harmony with your stars

The Aquarius Wife- You are any man's equal-and know it. Your husband may as well understand that fact.(very true haha)

Luke's sign(cancer)says that he is ruled by his stomach and favors confectioners,bakers,manufacturers of womens clothing,and dealers in the articles of personal adornments

I usually have to feed him something delicious to get him to take my photos and the tagline to my accessories shop is "handmade vintage inspired confections" haha, I've met my match!

Today is my last day being 25..I can't believe I'm turning 26 tomorrow

Happy Tuesday!


modern Suburbanites said...

gorgeous photos!!


Jennifer said...

That looks like a really pretty place to take pictures :) LOVE those rings!

xo Jennifer


Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful images and loving the vintage cape.

Red Soles and Red Wine

edgeindustrialphotography said...

must have been pretty amazing to have such a place as your 'back garden
growing up :)

I love that you bring these amazing landcapes to us so frequently
pictures instantly change your mindset - and ones of the great
outdoors evenmoreso

the last pic is killer - if anymore proof is needed why your new
dark hair colour totaly rules(!!)

have a great day!!
- George

gee said...

yay for Aquarians!
the aquarius wife part is SO true. haha. ;)
my poor husband...
happy birthday!! i hope it was wonderful.

ps: that octopus tree is amazing.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics and beautiful outfit!! I love pics in nature...and u look so pretty =)

Consider my dear said...

Those outfit photos are just magical!