Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beauty Icon: Sophia Loren

This gorgeous Italian beauty is a retro bombshell. Her strong personality shows through in all of her movies and she's equally talented and beautiful!

my dream hair..

I love her dramatic eye-makeup and unique features. I always think thick winged black liner,nude lips, and black lace..

A little Loren..


gee said...

oooh a beautiful women with curves.
excellent pick. i love the third picture of her.
love your heels.

Sarai and Nancy said...

She is absolutely my icon of beauty. I think she's so gorgeous. I just adore her, and the fabulous sensual style she just exudes. Girl crush!

So Worng, It's Hana said...

She's so pretty!

Kristina said...

Krystle, you got the look down. She was so beautiful and exotic.

Angela Leberte said...

she is so beautiful! you look a lot like her!


Anonymous said...

Gosh If I could look do a face and body swap with anyone it would be her; shes just so beautiful!
Your makeup looks lovely! :) x

ChiccaStyle said...

Totally agree!!!She's still amazing, adorable woman!!!

Girl about town.... said...

Ah what a lovely post! She is so beautiful, even now, and is everything a woman should aspire to be. Her body is just incredible!

Love your modern day approach. You look like her, you lucky thing!

Girl about Town XxX

jkd said...

sophia was gorgeous!