Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend winsome


   rusty wearables

How I Met Your Mother

lovely leopard

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I've been collecting perfect pieces for the fall and one of the colors I've been drawn to lately is rust. I have a few key pieces in the shade but I can't help looking for more, it's such a pretty color! I'm also loving subtle touches of leopard, it can be so classy and chic done the right way. I just watched 5 episodes of how i met your mother back to back..yea, I love that show.

getting my wardrobe together for the fall weather, my favorite season!

a new piece for the library..thanks mom!

pretty vintage frames patiently waiting for the walls to be painted, can't wait to restore our eclectic collage!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Sarah said...

I wholeheartedly approve of every single thing in this post. I just realized I love rust colored items, so I'm right there with you.

Sara C. said...

the oufit with suspenders is so cute!
have a lovely day
Sara C.

audrey said...

i love your shoes, and i LOVE your picks, as always. just purchased a rust colored sweater that i am anxiously awaiting fall for; i can't believe how ready i am to wear TIGHTS.

you are such a classic beauty - every peek at your blog makes me want to run into my closet and start playing dress up.

Jen said...

Love rust for fall, your lip color, leopard, and How I Met Your Mother! You always looking lovely.