Monday, July 1, 2013

air plants & antiques

My thumb's a nice seafoam shade. Luke's the master gardener around here, he's out there every day weeding and watering. That's dedication man. I'm the lazier one in this duo and I love anything that's easy to care for, succulents and air plants are at the top of my list!

These little alien creatures only require a light misting and a bit of sunlight to thrive. No soil needed. That's my kind of plant. I'm a low maintenance girl. I can completely forget about them for a week and find that they're still alive, bonus.
The "ashy" look is actually the tiny scales they use to gather energy and humidity from the air. 
A quick dip in rainwater once a week revives them.

 I've amassed a rather large collection of sconces and little fixtures over the years in anticipation of a large room to living room is the perfect place. Candles were the traditional route but I noticed how perfect my little air plants fit instead!

Air plants are so much cooler than candles, don't you think?

I'm a sucker for all things antique and gold, especially if it's paired with cream..or grey. If it ends in "co" it's probably coming home with me. Syroco, Homco..I blame it on my grandparents. Growing up I'd admire the decor on their walls and I even inherited a few favorite pieces. Isn't that how any good hoard starts? haha.
Antiques paired with modern elements have my heart.
I like to think of my style as victorian meets mod, it's probably all of the period films and mad men I watch.

I realized I had even thrifted about four pairs of this exact same sconce, I like what I like.

It's taken me forever to really start the decorating phase. These walls needed a lot of initial tlc to restore them and I have zero experience hanging anything on triple brick/masonry..ah the days of just a nail and hammer are long gone. It requires drilling and using an anchor/strong screw to hang anything. And you have to be exactly sure where you want something, I'm fickle..that's a tough one. The living room still has a way to go, but it's getting there. It's the little accomplishments.

I've finally started to put up my gallery wall! We had a small version of this at our previous place and I've missed seeing them all together. They look so much happier than in the corner gathering dust. But not really, because they're still dusty and everyone has a mean mug.

Succulents/cactus just need a nice amount of light, and no over watering. Leave them alone until the soil dries out. Be a little lazy.

Another favorite thing to find thrifting,vintage vessels. Anything that could make a happy plant home. I actually filled every one of them up this spring!
The latest addition was found at the flea market a while back and I added a donkey tail, appropriately.

My other antique..Zizi's getting old.

I swear she's colonel meow's soulmate. Grumpy faces.

  Growing things really is therapeutic, whether it's the satisfaction of starting something from a seed or nurturing a little plant into a glowing specimen. Or having a house full of happy pets.

Most of these are already in different planters, they grow up so fast.

It's exciting to have access to plants from all different origins and environments, and the ability to curate a vintage collection of my dreams from affordable thrifting. Midwest is best.
And very hot and humid. I'm enjoying this overcast 70 degree day with the windows open, while it last.

Happy Summer!

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