Tuesday, May 28, 2013

spring things..

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"It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy."
Lucille Ball
This tree in our neighborhood..hundreds of huge blooms!
Mindy Kaling posted an adorable Lucy and Desi photo on instagram today and I thought of my favorite movie they did together, The Long, Long Trailer. It's a laugh out loud one that totally reminded me of our relationship, and how we never ever fight..only on road trips when we're arguing about directions! I don't know why it's so fun but it is. Because we're snapping at each other and as soon as we get to where we're going we start laughing about the fight and making fun of ourselves. That's the secret.
In the best scene he tells her she can't bring the rock specimens she's just collected onto the rv..she does it anyway. And she attempts to cook in the moving swinging trailer, it's the best.

We haven't been on vacation in a while, staying home and working on the house renovation instead. It's our five year wedding anniversary at the end of August and It's been just enough time since we last visited Chicago, we used to go a few times a year and even got engaged at the top of the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier.
I was 21, he was 23. Now it seems so young to me! But we fell in love over road trips and little adventures.
Pear blossoms are my very favorite, we had a giant pear tree in the front yard of the old house growing up..I still miss all of that open space.

If I have to be surrounded I prefer lovely old things, and bright fresh greenery.
It's been one of the prettiest spring seasons, so much beauty everywhere!
Sometimes you just have to look with different eyes. We've been enjoying the milder weather and taking walks around the neighborhood with Copper.
I've been trying to absorb it all, because just like that it's here and gone.

Love the entrance on this house.

Mammoth acorn. The mature trees in our historic neighborhood are massive! You wouldn't believe how active and loud the birds are around here, they love them too.

Bringing a bit of nature inside, my spring mantle.

 Did some rearranging and spring cleaning,
Lu loves to lounge on the curtains while they're down.

I can't believe what a hulking beast this guy has turned into..it's like holding a small fat dog. Lumen's getting a special surgery this weekend. He has no idea what's in store for him haha

Syro- no!! One of my little Syroco birds got got by a curious kitty, guess he's upset that I won't let him catch any outside. Or eat Keats.

We planted lots of flowers inside and out..

Blooming is the best part.

 Trying to eat a lot more vegetarian meals, avocado is always on hand.

But sometimes you just gotta make confetti cupcakes..with fage instead of egg and oil.

My vase and vessel collection has been getting a lot of use!

I've finally broken a lifelong habit of nail biting by taking the advice of my 1940's ad..
keep 'em pretty!

A few months ago I mentioned my health struggles and I've been trying out a new thyroid medicine..that made me gain all of the weight back that I worked so hard to take off last spring! That's 25 lbs, yikes!  I'm a petite person. And I didn't feel any positive effects, ugh. More depressing than depression. Such a setback, nothing like when your body betrays you. I'm a bit of a control freak too, and feeling out of control of my body is getting to me. No more doctors, I'm working on finding a natural way to manage my Hashimoto's symptoms, I just want to feel like my normal happy self..it's tough.

Flowers and sunshine will always make me happy.

Have a lovely week!

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Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Hey lovely lass! Sorry to hear about your troubles, I have had a terrible time with depression and my weight, the other way though, was 'severely underweight' due to the stress, anxiety and depression, they diagnosed me as having an eating disorder and wanted to drug me up, I said no, it's not an eating disorder like you think and no way to drugs! I have to say though this year has been a blessing and I put it all down to a good diet, positive attitude (kinda ignoring all the bad things but not in denial if you know what I mean! Just focused!) and I strength train at the gym three times a week. I am only telling you this because my partner is studying to be a personal trainer and goes to Uni to study nutrition in September... It has completely changed me and I would recommend the gym and a good trainer over any sorts of medication what-so-ever! Yoga has helped stretch those muscles inbetween days at the gym and it calms before bedtime too! Oh sweetpea I hope you feel better soon! I am envious of all the flower activity I see you have! Things are just starting to pop up here, the blossoms are so braw! I love it! I wish the concrete in the cities were just flowers! :) All the best kitten, love Zoë xxx