Friday, December 14, 2012

sentimental heart

It's beginning to look a lot like..

I love having a real cut tree, that forest fresh smell!
My grandma Betty's ornaments have always been in this beat up vintage luggage, every time I crack it's like the 60's in here haha
Lots of the mercury glass ones were so delicate..and broken.
The house was such a mess last year that we didn't even put up a tree..ah the joys of restoring a 150+ historic house. I'm making up for it this time around! I really missed Christmas..
Lumen does a lot of supervising around here haha
what I've been up to lately..
note to self- use a drop cloth when sanding.

and watch out for fingers!
took a nice chunk out but I'm healing..the human body is an amazing thing.
this band aid is the most stylish thing I've been wearing.

I rediscovered my favorite blazer, vintage pendelton navy wool
swear it's a little boys size..feelin kinda small haha
thought I wore it to death in high school,
let's just say I had a blazer phase..
that never ended.

Christmas came early! Luke's not a shopping kinda guy so I mostly take care of all of the present purchasing..with a few things for myself of course haha. We usually keep it under 100 for each other, my prizes came in under 50! I think I'm gonna ask him to renew my bust and nylon magazine subscriptions too. He really wants an espresso machine, know of any good/cheap ones ? I caught him watching coffee art videos on youtube haha
He better make me a killer caramel macchiato.
meet my new favorite shoes
ballet flat/maryjanes?
always searching for flats under 20, these were only 16!
Get the 8 if you're a 8.5/9 like me.
I want these in black too, love the wedge.
and half sizes!
aww man. just saw these neon tipped ones
snap! the velveteen pair is on sale!
ok, i'm done.
window shopping is thrilling, no?
I like to add a bunch of things to my cart, and not buy them..haha

I adore these snake bracelets from asos
somehow we started calling each other "snakes"
as pet names, no idea why haha
so they're kind of perfect

I'll let you guys in on a little secret.
I have crazy curly unruly hair, all I want to do is throw a beanie on that I do.
Almost every day. It was time for some new ones!
Slouchy ones like this are the best.
I have a headware obsession, it started way back..
I'll save the embarrassing hat tales for another day haha
I made this yummy new concoction
roasted mini sweet peppers+creamy greek yogurt/avocado filling
most of my recipes spring from-I'm hungry and these things are about to expire haha
New Year's Eve snack?
We used to have awesome little parties at home growing up.
Grandma Betty would have dug em, this was her season.
Happy Friday!


Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Everything looks lovely! Wee Lumen is so beautiful! <3 and you pretty lady, I love your wee outfit details! :) Always such yummy colours! Oh I must check out your wee shop! :) Enjoy the rest of your Christmas preparations! Zoë x

edgeindustrialphotography said...

thanks. this brought back a nice memory.
of my grandmas's tree decorations.
so delicate. still have a few. so it
was pretty universal what they were
made from. I like that.

wild unruly hair?! never!
like the colour.