Saturday, June 30, 2012


♪ Careless in our summer clothes,
splashing around in the muck and the mire ♪

I'd be more inclined to do my laundry if it looked like this all of the time! haha The only good thing about this dry, scorching heat is the lightening speed line drying. Summer sun laundry just smells the best.

We have this little brick area between the carriage house and deck that is the perfect hidden spot for a clothes line..and globe lights,courtesy of Luke. I took a solo trip last spring to hang with my oldest friend in Charleston and came back to a clean house and these strung up! What a guy.

Kitty rescuer..zizi loves to be with us in the yard but likes to explore a bit too far haha

It was his golden birthday yesterday, 29 on the 29th! 
We hung out in the air conditioning watching whatever he wanted..
I know I can't be the only one who lives with a manchild and gets sucked into watching adventure time and regular show?! Lumpy space princess kills me.

♪ It's summertime and you know what that means ♪
it's been in my head for months..haha

Baxter dug around in the dirt and plants on the deck this morning while I was watering the garden and had himself a munch of lettuce..followed by a bath!

I adore his little acorn nose

It's so hot over 100 degrees. Record breaking temps! I'm a winter baby, Fall is my comfort level! It was 108 on Thursday and is forecasted to be in the hundreds for at least a week straight. My glob. I'll be inside doin my summer cleaning and watching ridiculous tv shows. After exhausting all of my options on netflix instant I clicked my way onto pretty little's too much, I kind of love it. I just wanna know who A is! haha I'm 1/2 watching while cleaning my room, it's like I'm a teenager all over again. Kind of.

Stay cool!


lazy explorers said...

My dad has that space ghost shirt!
It has been super hot here too.
Your laundry looks so pretty hanging up. Things like that make me wish I was moved out into my own house already.

Kailey said...


Benlovesting said...

Amazing blog!

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

eep, precious bunny! :p
It's been ridiculously hot here, too. We peaked at 108 yesterday, and on top of that, no rain. I hope it cools down soon though, or at least rains. There's talk of a ban on fireworks due to the dryness of the ground.

Ana Cooks said...

oooh my god!is so cute!!!

Jessica said...

haha the laundry looks glamorous but i have had to hang my laundry out before once or twice and it really was not all that fun! that bunny is so freaking cute!


Anonymous said...

Adorable bunny but that globe idea is the best. I may steal it.