Wednesday, June 20, 2012

blow away

This vintage whistle actually works!

I've been waiting for an excuse to frolic around with my newest vintage umbrella and a rainy day finally came. I'd been eyeing this beauty in the display window of my favorite antique shop for a long time and Luke finally urged me to just get it already! haha It was under 20 bucks but I've been a lot more conscious of spending since buying a's equally the most thrilling/scary experience.

everything else-vintage/thrifted

 sometimes it's nice to remember the little things that make me happy..and they're free!

My best friend and I worked at the mall together when we were 16 and were just talking about how we used to blow our tiny paycheck at the clothing store(Weathervane) or drive to the really big mall in the city. It had the only forever 21 at the time and it seemed like we shopped all day and only ended up with a headband..or a shirt. So much more carefree. When I first moved out at 19 renting an apartment and having three roommates kept the bills pretty low. I remember Luke and I making the short trip into St.Louis once a week to go to our favorite sushi restaurant, our friends there who used to know our order by heart wouldn't even recognize us now. It's like damn..remember when I could buy a new dress or eat sushi out? haha Now it's how many ways can I wear this dress and I should really make more sushi at home!

Sushi Party! The packaging makes me happy.

agedashi tofu and tofu/avocado rolls

After multiple tries I've finally perfected my sticky rice..hooray!

In other news, I woke up this morning and told luke to "embrace the paste" haha! I heard that phrase over and over in my dream and woke up thinking what is that from? Oh yea, this probably had something to do with it!

Happy Wednesday!


Yasmeen said...

Lists of happy things. <3 Loff. And I also loff the bow headband. It's so cute.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow homeloaner, I hear your pain. But that umbrella is beautiful and so very worth it!

Little Tree Vintage said...

girl this is amazing! love it

trishie said...

The vintage whistle charm is so awesome!

Jessica Sharpe said...

I love making sushi! Ah it's so much fun learning someone new... And making something tasty! Please share your sticky rice secrets! Mine is never as sticky as I'd like!

Jess x