Thursday, September 29, 2011

midweek menagerie

a collection of thoughts and things from my week..

vintage wicker bag-Cookie K's Vintage
dress/brown tights-f21
brown gimmiks-blowfish
bag/velvet blazer/necklace/bow tie-vintage

vintage bow tie+skinny belt=cuteness

thrifty finds-

Picked up this 70's dressmaking book to add to my collection, I've managed to find quite a few great vintage sewing books! I also found this lovely vintage fabric in a pretty autumnal print, I adore the tan background and rust,mustard,and olive tiny florals. I'm hoping to make a vintage inspired dress in a similar shape to my favorite above but modified with short sleeves and a cream peter pan collar!

love the scalloped edge on these pale yellow vintage gloves

apple picking-

Luke and I went to our local orchard for apple picking and it was the most perfect fall day! We've been having a staycation this week and just hanging out and visiting the places we love around town. We're going to get sushi for lunch and make a fall feast later with homemade apple pie, and hot apple fall food!

I had this song in my head the whole time..
like an apple on a tree
hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach
but you picked me

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!


Teaka said...

You were able to find quite a few awesome finds in the sale section of Modcloth. I keep adding and taking things away from my "cart" many beautiful choices. Not enough money.


audrey said...

you look beautiful, as always, and apple picking - i'm so, so jealous. i'm going to drag sam one of these weekends - i'm pretty bummed we missed strawberry season!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

hi Krystle
I love looking at the photos on your blog
as they are always more than just photos,
evoking thoughts ... a feeling and a mood
that you just want to place yourself in
... just plain inspiring

Anonymous said...

I love your dress! It looks so pretty!!! The gloves are so pretty as well. I've got to admit, I'm obsessed with scallop hemmed clothing! hahaha. wow, skirt is definitely so cute!

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing dress and bag! Happy weekend honey!!!

gee said...

i love your modcloth picks.
surprisingly i did not find anything for myself.
(my wallet is very happy about this. :P)
those gloves are beautiful.
have a wonderful weekend love.

Sharde said...

oh krystle you look so cute in all of these pictures i can't stand it! seriouslyyyy! i love your outfit to the max. if that makes any sense at all ;) happy sunday! love your blog

sharde @ the style projects

KatieDidItt said...

Wow! What great finds! Your outfit is adorable, by the way!
I can't wait to go apple picking!

lovely pictures!

xo katie

Lischen said...

such a cuuuute blog! I love all your outfits!

Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)