Friday, September 9, 2011

dark days

you are my moonshine..

Ugh. My internet has been out all week due to a "defective modem" and it took forever to get a new one in,thanks a lot at&t...ya jerks! Now it's time to play catch up on all of my favorite blogs etc., I feel like I missed so much! What did I ever do before the internet?! I was seriously having withdrawals. It's amazing what one can get accomplished when lurking/window shopping online isn't an option.  I've been working on things I've been neglecting, organizing my closet and ripping down wallpaper..ya know,fun stuff haha. The front page on the forever 21 site says that there are "2000 new arrivals"..geez louise, I know what I'll be doing tonight!

In other news my pretty vintage bag came in that I won from a giveaway on Lulu Letty's blog, it's a sweet little wicker bag from Cookie K's Vintage ! Thanks so much Megan, and Maria for hosting the awesome brightened my week!

We passed by one of my favorite little buildings, I just love the rusty red color and little white flowers!

We had the most amazing weather, it was in the high 60's all week! Luke and I had a little date on our day off and did some thrifting/vintage shopping and chowed down on some yummy sushi. I'm so glad I enjoyed being outside the past few days without the internet, it's back to almost 100 next it fall yet?!

blazer, dress, tights-f21
bag-Cookie K's Vintage

I adore this bag!

scored these amazing dead stock vintage cat eye sunnies!

big fat zizi was mad she didn't get any sushi...

I hope everyone had an amazing week!!


Teaka said...

Hello, I'm Teaka and I quite like your blog! So cute!
You also have a fricken awesome looking cat!!! :D

SRS said...

you look so beautiful! i love your blazer :)

sarah rose

AngeliqueDama said...

Love that bag! Lovely blog:D

Zuuwa said...

Adore your fringe and face :-) you are original and very lovely!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat! This blazer is so cute!! I'm jealous of the high 60's temperatures; I'm definitely ready for autumn weather! xo

Maria Confer said...

The purse you choose is amazing!!! I'm green with envy.