Friday, September 2, 2011

Film Friday

Valley of the Dolls-1967

movie theme song

A story about the downfall of three beautiful young women who experience the fame and glamour of Hollywood..and the addiction and sadness that comes along with it.  They each begin taking "dolls"(prescription meds) to deal with the craziness and become addicted and unable to cope with their lifestyles.


The beautiful Sharon Tate. She was murdered not long after this movie was made by the Charles Manson cult group, such a sad story.


Sara C. said...

I loved this movie
Have a nice day
Sara C.

Sarah said...

I think I have seen part of this movie! Also, I haven't been over for a bit, it seems, because your blog looks different (and adorable).

audrey said...

i was just reading about sharon tate - i don't know what led me on the tangent, but i read her entire wiki - pretty fascinating (and tragic) life.

love the photos, as always - you have impeccable taste.

Michelle Lee said...

great post :)