Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the most cake

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My birthday was this past Friday, the 8th! So I celebrated all weekend of course. Isn't it the best when your birthday falls on a Friday? I like to space it out a little anyway..and just kind of go with the flow. An aquarian through and through! I usually start stressing about what to do about a week before and then I don't want to do anything..the pressure! Mom tried to plan a surprise party for me a few years ago..worst idea ever. haha
I'm too weird.

This birthday was perfect! Most of my celebrations revolve around food. Luke was off all week and made me birthday brunch, Belgian waffles with mascarpone/whipped cream, strawberries..and chocolate covered ones too! He makes them for me every year, it's tradition.

Growing up it was a pizza/movie sleepover, and these beauties in the morning.  
Mom always made them!

My time travel necklace was's flying by!

Sported some falsies..and felt kinda like lambchop haha

Friday was the largest indoor yard sale at the fairgrounds and my birthday dinner of choice..Italian.
Every year.
We used to always go to The Olive Garden growing up but I really love cooking at home, my stuff just tastes better!
Baked eggplant stacks. With mascarpone.

cake cocktail

Saturday was sushi and thrifting with my mom and late night mexican food,margaritas,and movies with my little brother.

Luke helped me make my birthday dessert, a little white cake with layers of mascarpone and strawberry topped with meringue frosting. We nearly destroyed it..but not before two huge sheet cakes made their way into the house too! I love cake as much as the next girl..but this is just ridiculous.

 February makes me happy, Have a great Valentine's day!


Jen said...

Oooh, that cake cocktail looks delicious! Can I trouble you for the recipe?

Crissy said...

Happy belated birthday! Happy Valentine's Day!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

happy belated birthday Krystle.
beautiful pics. cute dress.
love Hole.