Saturday, May 26, 2012


♪ Each shade of blue
Is kept in her eyes
Keep blowing and lighting
Because we own the sky ♪

I always love certain songs on days like this, sunny and beautiful! It's still early and almost 90, suddenly summer. I woke up extra early and hit up a few estate sales in the area..did I tell you that they're my new favorite thing?! Music,sunnies,windows down..sometimes it's nice to take a little adventure by myself. 

summertime staple

some of my lovely finds..that little netted velvet heart veil is so sweet

not a morning person but i did wear my favorite vintage cotton dress and woven flats

Stayed up late watching breathless and made this inspiration board out of the magazine rippings I've had lying around. Thrift store flowers and candy colors, it makes me happy. I always fall a little bit in love with Jean Seberg every time I watch that movie, she's such a little doll!

Have a lovely weekend!


Two Happy Hearts said...

That song!! I've never heard it before...but it's the perfect summer song. Windows down & a warm breeze & that song...perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Lucija said...

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jas said...

beautiful vintage-y shots!

Marlena said...

you are seriously the cutest person. i love your heart veil, your vintage dress, and sunnies! i think you can do no wrong in my eyes haha

His Little Lady said...

love that song! and you are rockin' the early morning look in that vintage dress! if only all of us could look that good in the morning ;)
xo TJ

Benlovesting said...

Beautiful blog!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Those sunnies are perfect! And your home seems prety fantastic too<3

Have a happy weekend!

Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Neat sunglasses! ;) I love the look of that veil, so sweet! And you look lovely in your sweet day dress! I love wee floral day-dresses so pretty and cool for hot days! Enjoy that heat! wowee hot! x

Amanda said...

I love that pattern of your dress, so cute!