Wednesday, May 23, 2012

en plein air

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B. J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by B. J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head on Grooveshark

It was a perfect low key day off and my favorite spring weather, I love when there's a little chill in the air. Almost feels like that moment when fall hits. When you can't quite feel anything but a subtle breeze and you're not sure if it's warm or cool, the perfect in between. I realize I'm interested in the weather a lot, it feels like it affects my mood.. maybe it's because I'm an air sign haha Most likely it's because our historic house is climate controlled naturally half of the central heat or air! I desperately wanted to get Clemmie out for a picnic at the park a few miles away but with the threat of rain we didn't want to get caught in a downpour on our bikes!

Clementine last summer, I'm so excited for bike riding weather! 

We settled for a picnic in the "meadow" in our backyard. There is a little area behind our carriage house that has the softest, cushy grass(wild violets!) and is shaded by a giant walnut tree. Perfect for laying down a blanket and catching up on my reading.

I've never had a kitty love being outside more..she's cries to be let out on the deck every morning!


I made homemade fancy carrot soup from my french cookbook and tomato/basil/mozzarella paninis. (mines's below)

Luke is seriously the cookie king..we finally found a great old jar and he loves to fill it up! He can't really cook but he's pretty great at breads/cookies..mmm peanut butter.

Perfect picnic inspiration
One of my all time favorite record kitchen colors!

We scrambled to our covered deck to escape the rain and I worked on painting the vintage record cabinet I scored for 5 dollars a few years ago. It had some mismatched wood and I planned on painting the whole thing but settled for just the doors, it's amazing what a few coats of paint can do!

 Z managed to catch a bit of toe tufts in the minty paint...those things sure are fluffy

I convinced Luke to set up the record know, since the stand was already there and I wanted to "visualize" the living room design haha He's a sweetie..and can be bribed with his favorite lemony candy.

Happy Wednesday!


Kaili Clark said...

This post inspired me for some reason. I think it's probably just you. I love the fact that you get out and do things. You always have some kind of activities! I definitely admire you for that! :)

Marlena said...

um, can i marry you? all of this is just too adorable. everything from the bike with FLOWERS IN A BASKET to the yummy paninis. seriously, i'll get down on one knee.

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, why am i just now stumbling across your lovely blog? you are absolutely adorable, girl! and all of these images are so inspiring! wanting to go on a lovely picnic now!
p.s. love your shop, too ;)
xo TJ

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

This looks like the perfect summer picnic. How lucky you are that you have such a nice place right in your back yard! I love your blanket and your sandwich looks so yummy. I wish I had a yard, but living in an apartment in the city makes that a little hard. I guess a trip to the park it is. :D

Emily said...

Your bike is by far the cutest one I've ever seen! The fresh flowers are perfection. And that blanket! And the kitty! And the mint paint!