Sunday, January 15, 2012


♪ You really want to hole up
You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away ♪

I've been sick all week..really wana go outside!


charley said...

Yay, I love Cults! If you haven't seen them live yet I highly recommend it!

Feel better soon!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

that is such a great song - but I'd have preferred a different
video for it haha! something like BEST COAST would do perhaps.
I've seen their name everywhere in the music press, but never
heard anything by them ... so thanks for that Krystle!

feel better soon
- George

Anonymous said...

try to get better!! a lot of people are sick these days...nice videos!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, I just found your blog and I love it! I hope you feel better. I'm getting over a cold myself. Now I have some new music to listen to!

Marja <3

Mary said...

Cute blog, I love the videos. You have great taste:)