Friday, November 18, 2011

green grass

Green Grass by Tom Waits on Grooveshark

Lay your head where my heart used to be
Hold the earth above me
Lay down in the green grass
Remember when you loved me
I collect vintage cameras, this Polaroid Land is my favorite!

With what seemed to be the last semi-warm day of fall we decided to spend some time at one of my favorite out of the way picnic spots, Pleasant Ridge. It's near my parents house and I grew up coming here to be in the wide open spaces,exploring the wooded trails, and hunting for Morel mushrooms. The rolling hills are my favorite, it's the perfect place for sledding! We enjoyed the sunshine and drank spiced apple cider. It was so nice to be outside for a bit, the perfect remedy for the blues! I was hoping to see some pretty fall leaves but almost all of the trees were already bear..I think winter is near. I always find myself listening to Tom Waits when the weather gets cold, he just fits the mood.
new dark's growing on me
bow-handmade(I want to make one in every color!)
I've been obsessed with pretty collars and bows lately. I made this with vintage fabric left over from my dress sewing adventure..I'm teaching myself!
The house on the grounds was built in the 1800's, I love that it's still here!

sun showers
Can't wait for the first snowfall!

Do you have any vintage collections?


AngeliqueDama said...

Oh, what a great blog!
Adorable pictures! Your hairstyle is amazing:)
Hugs and kisses

edgeindustrialphotography said...

I noticed that this week Krystle
hardly any leaves left ... and it kinda
broke my heart - autumn is nearly gone

why I'm glad you've taken so many
photos ... to look back on and get
lost in

I L-O-V-E your darker hair colour!

you should def be singing in a band btw!
cause you've got the look+style already!
- George

Jo said...

Your dress is such a beauty! <3 I love the darling bow detail! And your Polaroid is oh-so dreamy!

Lost in the Haze

Mindset said...

This is so cool! I love the outfit! like always... :)

Claire Vázquez said...

awesome post, I like your blog, I pass by your blog often.
I invite you to visit me and follow me if you like.
a kiss, Claire.

Devin said...

These pictures are great! I love your blog, it's adorable :)

p.s... gorgeous outfit! Love the tights

Moi said...

Darling you look absolutely beautiful - and brunettes have WAY more fun I can assure you ;) xo

lindsey said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! You are beautiful!!!! Would love for you to stop by my little piece of the blogosphere. I am doing a fun giveaway here is the link:

xoxo Linds

Dianne said...

I like the lace dress, it's so pretty! :)

another day to wander

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

This outfit is beyond adorable and the scenery is wonderful too. It's put me in a happy place!