Thursday, March 27, 2014

winter's end

I can't believe that winter is finally over! Bring on the blossoms and sunshine. These cold weather months weren't so bad..I vegged out with hulu and Netflix, made way too many treats, tried to keep plants alive, a little antiquing, my 28th birthday, and some big home projects.

Working on building my own butcher block countertops! IKEA won't be in stl for another year and I can't wait any longer. I was all Floyd from 30 rock when I first heard we were getting one..
  "yeah I'll believe it when I see it. We've just been burned before." 

snow cat

It snowed so much here in the Midwest..if ever I complained about the lack of fluffy stuff it more than made up for it this year. 
Like mountains of it.
That meant plenty of time inside to catch up on old books.
And a new amethyst for this aquarian.

finally found my dream twin peaks rug

Hope your winter was a good one!


Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

Winter is definitely full of Hulu and Netflix days!! haha

edgeindustrialphotography said...

beautiful snow pics.
we didn't get any. just rain, rain + rain
(on the back of all the snow the US got

love your grandma photo.
you like twin peaks too?!
(also the cover of the amazing new
GLASVEGAS album, which I know you'd love)

great pic of you! getting a kate nash vibe
from it!