Saturday, September 14, 2013


Rose Windows

♪adorn by miles and years
like paths carved in faces by tears
the sun in rear windows
and 60 while the wind blows♪

I was listening to one of my favorite local independent radio station programs, The Space Parlour, and heard this band doing a live in studio set.  Heavenly Days was the first song, instant love. Folk, indie, psychedelic. Eclectic ensemble of musicians and influence.

The Space Parlour presents an eccentric combination of art rock, psychedelia, folk, new wave and other inventive alternative sounds, with an additional focus on B-sides, rarities and live recordings. It's parlour music, space music and everything in between.

This perfectness, Rabia, has that low haunted voice. 

he sang this song to young olive eyes
and took her hand across the burning sands
from desert plains they moved, so young so wild and alive
they were raised to believe the sea would dry before they died

a stunning Botticelli angel.

I had a creepy movie fest for Friday the 13th, and today Picnic at Hanging Rock needs to be watched. It always makes me feel funny.

It's in the 60's and sunny, time for the hammock and that Jane Austen book I've been meaning to read. Last night it was actually cold sleeping with the windows open and I snuggled up in a blankie burrito. Hooray for fall!

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Lisa said...

Wow, great tracks, I haven't heard these before!