Friday, March 23, 2012

Sorbet Spring

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys on Grooveshark

Everything is in bloom around our historic neighborhood. I just love the blossoming trees and pretty flowers springing up everywhere, so dreamy!

If you're anything like me you've been wearing pastels in full force for the past month. I can't get enough of pretty ice cream colors, this outfit just felt like spring to me!


My new(ish) super short hair..this is my attempt at wearing my natural texture, still learning how to style it!

Mint is one of my all time favorite colors so I was super excited to score this vintage clutch in the perfect sorbet!

Loving these for spring-SH(air),SH(mint sorbet),Revlon(provence),SH(petal pusher)

Z reminds me of blossom haha
another's peeps season!

Have a lovely weekend, go outside!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

girl crush:lana del rey

Wow, has it seriously been two whole weeks since my last post?! I really don't know where the time has gone..Luke went to Chicago for a long work trip and I was thisclose to making a pillow replacement a la Lily on HIMYM haha! It didn't quite come to that but I did however listen to a lot of music in his absence and Pandora was my best friend..I blame it(and George!) for my current Lana obsession. Seriously, check out Lana Del Rey Radio on Pandora, I love almost every single song..that never happens!

her video guy, bradley still my heart

Saturday, March 3, 2012


♪ And you were dead as the leaves,
  now you're new like the spring-time ♪

pastel party dresses..who doesn't want to roll with these girls

Perfect song for driving around with the windows down in this amazing sunny weather we've been having lately, it already feels like spring! This was rediscovered this morning on a random mix that I played non-stop a few years ago, I love it just as much today. 

 I couldn't believe all of the daffodils we have popping up, my favorite little harbingers of spring!
Copper says "if it looks good eat it!" haha

The color yellow releases serotonin and stimulates creativity..the more you know

They make me happy and the studio smells spring-time fresh, bonus!
We're having a mexican fiesta night(homemade chiles rellenos!) and watching
some like it hot
It's one of the first classic movies I saw and still my very favorite, see it on tcm tonight introduced by Drew Barrymore! I adore her, so excited to see Drew and Rob Oz together haha

Have a lovely weekend!