Monday, May 30, 2011

weekend winsome


sleeping in!

southern sweet tea

spanish moss

the beach

It's still the weekend right?! I already miss being on vacation and the laid back, relaxed feel of the south. Staying on the coast near Charleston and being so close to the beach and the historic city was like getting the best of both worlds. I adore the giant oaks with their dreamy hanging spanish moss, I wish my backyard was lined with them. I ate so much delicious food but there is really nothing quite like drinking southern sweet tea from a mason jar. One thing I had a chance to do this weekend was sleep in, my favorite!

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I hope everyone had a lovely 3 day weekend! 

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Sarai and Nancy said...

I love drinking out of Mason Jars :) That's what I plan on using for glasses instead of actual ones when I'm older!