Tuesday, March 20, 2012

girl crush:lana del rey

Wow, has it seriously been two whole weeks since my last post?! I really don't know where the time has gone..Luke went to Chicago for a long work trip and I was thisclose to making a pillow replacement a la Lily on HIMYM haha! It didn't quite come to that but I did however listen to a lot of music in his absence and Pandora was my best friend..I blame it(and George!) for my current Lana obsession. Seriously, check out Lana Del Rey Radio on Pandora, I love almost every single song..that never happens!

her video guy, bradley soileau...be still my heart


ShyScout said...

She sang blue jeans on SNL and it was terrible and creeped me out beyond belief (her voice mainly). But she is gorgeous, and I gave her a second chance and her voice isn't half as strange as it was that night, haha :] I kind of like her now.

Sofia H. said...

I think she is unbelievably and unfairly gorgeous. I kinda love her for her weirdness.

Beau said...

Her live performance occasionally tank - I think it is nerves, but she has a great style going. I bought her album. And she can be very attractive

edgeindustrialphotography said...

haha yep guilty as charged!! :)
great selection ... I've bookmarked this page
so when I want I can get a Lana fix in 1 go
all on 1 page!!
- george