Wednesday, February 1, 2012


my current pinterest obsessions..

lovely hair

cool combo

I feel like all of the electronics in my life have joined forces and risen up against me this's been one thing after another starting with my laptop completely dying! $#*!  I'm using my brother's old desktop for now and it won't recognize my camera of course..drat. At least I can use it to look up pretty things and get my info for shop orders. I get so worried when I can't get whole life is on here haha A day or two without the internet isn't so bad now and then, especially when the weather is sunny and almost February. Craziness.
I'm off to watch Drive and finally relax. Ryan Gosling makes me happy but Luke is still my favorite. He knows I've been stressed so he took all of my orders to the post office and brought me sea salt caramels and flowers! Love him.


modern Suburbanites said...

great inspiration!

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

edgeindustrialphotography said...

we've had a weather swap!!!
it's below freezing here - I have 1 short sleeved + 2 long
sleeved thermals on ... a weather front from Siberia apparently!!
thanks for doing a clickable link for the c.pull apart bread
I was just about to google it - can't wait to make it :)

Drew said...

wonderful pins! That cinnamon sugar pull apart bread looks delicious!

Jessi said...

I LOVE your style! I've given you the Liebster award! Visit my blog to accept it!