Monday, December 19, 2011

crop and color

When I'm feeling a little stir crazy and in need of a change, I can always feel the hair cut coming. It started a few weeks ago, innocently enough." I'm just looking" I told myself as I pulled up some of my favorite short cuts online. A week later I had some scissors sitting near me in the shower and after trying to detangle my severely damaged ends I threw it in a ponytail and cut the entire thing off..about 6 inches! I finished cutting it as an angled bob with long layers and settled on an auburn shade for now. My main goal is to get closer to my natural color,which after some research was pale blonde as a little kid and a lighter brown as I got older. I had to check out some photos at my parents house, I've been dying/straightening my super curly hair since I was in 8th grade! I love the natural ombre I had as a kid at the end of summer, brown with sunkissed ends. I'm loving any kind of "bronde" shade lately, perfect for spring!

Some inspiration..



natural ombre

This is the goal for's closest to my natural color

    bold and bright

               Michelle Williams looks more gorgeous than ever with her cropped hair and platinum blonde!

New hair for the New Year!

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Jenny said...

I love your new hair! The color and cut is absolutely perfect. And the beret is a wonderful addition :-)